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Sauchiehall Street Pub

Trying to remember the name of a pub Charing X end of Sauchiehall Street circa 1970. It was opposite The Locarno  and I think it later changed to  Irish theme O'Neils. Any takers please?  

Not an  answer to your question but i remember as a 16 year old going to the garage.....about 1976    i can remember thinking how old  the place had obviously been something of an entertainment
establishment...just up from the Locarno/Tiffanys

Still scratching your head on this one?
I think that the pub that you are referring to was called THE ELGIN LOUNGE.It had a small,anonymous frontage,and was next door to the (sadly-missed)Equi Coffee House.

I think you're right Okaydoak, I remember the Elgin.  Used to work at 457 Sauchiehall Street so it was handy.  Also used Equi's and the Kings Cafe. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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