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Schaw House

When I was young I went to visit my granda who was in this place , but never knew why.. i had tried to find out but thought it was Shaw Home... I accidentally came across this today. and found it quite interesting..
peter kemp

The place has been converted to plush flats. I used to do deliveries there. In dark winter nights it was as spooky as hell. Big empty corridors. I keep thinking of the scene in The Shining where the lifts open and all the blood spills out. Was never there in daylight so can't say what it was like during the day.

That was a bit of luck, Calamity.  
When I was a wean, I was in Lenzie Convalescent Home and it had the same eerie atmosphere.  The fact that they closed the solid wooden shutters in the bedroom at night, and that the room became pitch dark as a result didn't help.

It was TT... all I remember was this lovely big house in the coutntry as I thought with beautiful grounds to walk through..

Hi calamity, cant say I have  heard of that place
Glad that it has not been left to run down and rot

Beautiful big house Norrie,

Hi calamity, crikey is that a basement house, how much do the other flats cost?
I was hoping there were photos of it in its original condition
Stiil mustn't grumble, its still standing

Two bedrooms, 295,000, hells teeth, I can get a bungalow for that amount around here and have change back
I preferred the second flat to the first

Lovely grounds right enough and nae grass tae cut Norrie...

Hi calamity, I like my garden and my self propelled petrol mower

ano Norrie but a lot of folk dont.... Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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