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Scottish Screen Archive

The Scottish Screen Archive via NLS is looking for help identifying old video footage of a football match.  
They think it might be either Rangers v Hearts c1952 or Scotland v Wales

Any takers can check out the video at
.  Maybe the stadium layout sheds clues a UG expert eye can pick up on.

Pretty sure thats the Dundee - Kilmarnock cup game think its been chopped to bits though

cybers wrote:
Pretty sure thats the Dundee - Kilmarnock cup game think its been chopped to bits though

Without a doubt Rangers were the second team out of the tunnel, led by Geordie Young. Willie Waddell was seen and I thinkn the Rangers goalkeeper was Niven. I'm old enough to remember this team and I think the other team was Hearts but not too sure about that. It was poorly edited as Cybers said.

Possibly the 1953 final or replay.

LowLight wrote:
Possibly the 1953 final or replay.

Had a look at your Wiki item and if it was that final. it was the replay, as Willie Woodburn comes out of the tunnel and according to Wiki he only played in the replay.
Glasgow Loon

From a football forum:-

It is Man Utd vs Rangers in the Coronation Cup Quarter Final of 13th May 1953.

Attendance was 75546 and it finished 2-1 to Utd.

That would make sense, as Rangers lost two goals in the clip, and i scoured the record books for cup semi finals of the time and couldn't find Rangers losing two goals to a team with that style of strip. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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