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Selfridges’ Candleriggs site to be turned into a car park

Selfridges’ site to be turned into a car park (Evening Times)

SELFRIDGES has finally decided to develop its Glasgow site - into a car park and
public space.

The company bought the former Goldberg's plot in Trongate almost seven years
ago, but it has been lying derelict since. Despite pressure from planning bosses,
Selfridges still says it has no immediate plans to build the store.

Instead, it has revealed it intends consulting the public on moves to tidy up the
large eyesore site. It is hosting a community event at City Halls, in the Merchant
City, on July 15 from 4-8pm.

Selfridges is preparing a planning application for temporary land use and
environmental improvements at the site. It intends demolishing derelict buildings,
temporarily using the land as public open space and creating a footpath and
car park.

Jones Lang LaSalle, which is acting as planning consultant for Selfridges Retail,
said the retailer wants to provide the area with an improved environment in the
"short to medium" term until the redevelopment can be started.

Consultations are also being held with Glasgow City Council, Historic Scotland,
Merchant City Initiative, Merchant City Community Council and local elected

James H

Jones Lang LaSalle, which is acting as planning consultant for Selfridges Retail,
said the retailer wants to provide the area with an improved environment in the
"short to medium" term until the redevelopment can be started.

Ah yes that'll be right. If these proposals are permitted you can guarantee that's what will remain for decades. The developer will be making steady rental money out to the site. The existence of the proposed land use will detract from the whole local making it less likely that a quality retail development will ever happen.

If either the retailer or that 'planning consultant' were at all sincere, what about a temporary landscaped facility... in the recent hot weather it was again highlighted how desperately short of such amenity space this part of Glasgow is. Such a project could act as a catalyst for all sorts of third sector organisations to get engaged.

This has begun to turn into one of those long running high profile eyesore sites farces - it's turning into a test of the Council and heritage agencies ability to hang on in there for the greater and longer term good of the city.

I was chatting to one of the shop owners at the weekend on Trongate and they commented that it is getting harder and harder for them to be able to stay there, as the developers keep stating that the buildings are faulty , the council has retaliated in saying the buildings are not faulty but they are now being told to stay there they (the shop owners) will have to do x,y & z to the buildings. From what the shop owner said they are under the impression that the developers want to flatten the site from Brunswick Street to Candleriggs.

Obviously if that is the case then it makes sense, as it's far easier to off load a nice fresh flat site than one with buildings on, and I'm sure there is tax benefits for new constructions rather than renovations.

I think if what I heard is true we will see the site sold off rather quickly and delightful modern monstrosities will pop up quicker than you could say 'Goldbergs'

Re: Selfridges’ site to be turned into a car park

Selfridges finally rules out opening store in Glasgow (© Evening Times)

Retail giant Selfridges has dropped plans to build a store in Glasgow’s
Merchant City.

The announcement ends almost 10 years of hope that the company would
develop the former Goldberg’s site in Candleriggs. The London-based chain
has made its wares available on the internet for the first time, but a
spokesman has revealed the brand has no plans to open in Scotland any
time soon.

Selfridges has repeatedly courted the huge public appetite for a store in
Glasgow, the UK’s biggest retail centre outside London. The firm owns
property in the city, but a spokesman said: “We’re not going to open a
bricks and mortar store in Glasgow. It’s cer­tainly not the plan in the
immediate future.”

The prospect of Selfridges’ arrival in Glasgow has tantalised city leaders
for nearly 10 years, since a proposal was put forward in 2002 for a £90million
store on the old Goldberg’s site. Selfridges had bought the site two years
earlier, and suggested it might create 1,000 jobs during the redevelopment
of the 200,000sq ft site.

A long silence followed, until in 2007 and 2008 reports suggested it was on
the brink of submitting a detailed planning application to Glasgow City Council
and had appointed a new architect to lead the project. But since then it has
kept the site without any redevelopment work or any serious overtures to
open a store.

James H

Hello There

Just joined the forum today as stumbled upon it while doing some research. Im currently writing a report on the proposed development for this site, its for my graded unit in college. Im having some difficulty finding the details of the history to the Selfridges building such as Architect, dates of the build itself etc. Does this building go by any other name or does anyone have a link to its history?
Any help would be greatly appreciated  

Passed by the Goldbergs site in May;

A bit risky for now...  

Hi Hawick_1987, its an eysore, a car park may well  have been an improvement but that has its own problems

When did Goldbergs close?

Remember getting dragged round it on a weekly basis when I was a boy!

HiDavidmcd316, Goldbergs closed 1990

16th February 2013

I wonder if Selfridges has bought the plot only for the purpose of a 'land bank' investment for its property portfolio?

I read somewhere a lot of large companies are investing their profits into land aquisition as bank interest has been so poor, with no intention of actually developing the land, preferring instead to sell it on for a profit after a number of years with almost zero outlay during its ownership.

Fireman ,you took the words out of my mouth I was thinking the same about "Land Banking".

Work begins to clear key city site after 11 gap years (© Eveing Times)

Work has finally started clearing the Glasgow city centre site earmarked for top
store Selfridges.

Contractors have begun erecting scaffolding at the corner of Trongate and
Candleriggs and will take the buildings down by hand. Meanwhile, a digger has
started demolishing properties in the centre of the site. Because of the scale of
the work there will be partial pavement and road closures in Trongate and the
south section of Candleriggs and some pavement closures in Trongate.

ScottishPower switched off supplies to the site in advance of demolition crews
moving in. It is expected to take the rest of the year to clear the large, overgrown site.

Selfridges is paying for the demolition and despite receiving two offers for the land,
has decided to hold on to it. The firm plans to turn it into an event space, with pop-up
shops and other attractions in time for the Commonwealth Games. A city council
spokesman said the second phase of the work would result in a comprehensive
redevelopment with, potentially, shops, leisure and housing.

In 2002, Selfridges bought the former Goldberg's site, which is bounded by Trongate,
Wilson Street, Brunswick Street and Candleriggs. But it quickly became clear plans
to build one of its upmarket department stores had been put on hold. Discussions
have gone on between Selfridges and the city council and three years ago the
company applied for permission to turn the land into a car park. Local shopkeepers
have complained for more than a decade that the boarded-up site impacts on the
number of visitors to the area.

City council leader Gordon Matheson said: "The council has recently had positive
discussions with Selfridges. Selfridges is now carrying out a controlled demolition of
a number of buildings on the site. I know it will be a great relief for many of the
businesses and residents in the Merchant City that activity is now taking place at this
location. My officers will continue discussions with Selfridges on how we can use this
key site which sits on a major route for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

"I am sure we can come up with a suitable temporary use ahead of the Games that
will ensure our city is looking its best as the world spotlight is shone on Glasgow."

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stuart Patrick said: "This site has
been a blot on the success story of the Merchant City for over a decade and we
are overjoyed to hear that moves are afoot to bring it back into commercial use.
It is great that it will be cleaned up and available for the Games, but even better that
soon afterwards work will begin to have it contributing fully to the growth of the
city centre."

James H

Not before time, will keep my eye on that site for any new structures

I noticed more demolition work has started.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This area badly needs development as what is being exposed needs to be hidden. Its bad for business for the shabby backs of buildings to be exposed.

I have to agree, the area needs to be developed asap

That area has been a total joke for years.
Alex Glass

The Demolition

Windlaw Boy

I used to work in Goldbergs many years ago. I remember the staff talking about a shoplifter who had stolen a garment and was chased by security through the store. For some strange reason he was never found. Years later one security man was on the section of flat roof when he looked down the small gap between buildings. There was the remains of the thief still clutching the garment he had stolen. He had fallen from the roof and must have died instantly. Does anyone remember this story ? I would like to know when this happened.

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Details of a £110million development on the former Selfridges site in the Merchant City have been lodged with city planners.

The massive scheme will result in a new hotel, shops, restaurants, bistros, homes and a public square.

It is a joint venture between London-based Mace, which has been involved in some of the most high profile projects in Britain and Mercer Real Estates Partners.

The site, which is bounded by Wilson Street, Hutcheson Street, Candleriggs and Trongate has been lying derelict for more than 15 years.

A wide range of uses are planned for the area which is seen as the last piece in the regeneration of Merchant City.

I was begining to think that this project would never get off the blocks, that will be an easy project to take shots of, not much walking Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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