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big drew

SFA....Completely out of Touch with Reality

With so many 'self-inflicted professionals' jumping onto the bandwagon of "Old Firm Problems", it is no surprise that each of these people deem it time they got their name in the least its something they can cut out, and put in their 'memories' scrapbook.
They latest 'No Nothing' comes from a surprising sourse...The SFA themselves.
SFA boss Stewart Regan spouts threats to ban fans from Old Firm matches to help reduce violence and sectarian songs......WHAT DO YOU THINK....?
Here is my Twopence worth for you to consider and rip to bits if you feel inclined...!
1  Sky TV and other broadcasters would have to lower the value of current
   contracts as the Old Firm is really the only one in Scotland worth showing.
2  With no supporters and no possible crowd trouble Police services would
3  Bus Companies used for transporting fans would have to stop services.
4  Turnstyles at venues would close as no one is using them.
5  Old Firm ticket sales cease as fans cannot see the games.
6  A plethera of local traders and public houses all reduce staffing or even
   close as there is no business for them at Old Firm matches.
7  SFA funding and sponsorships reduce to a nonsense as Old Firm revenues
   become so low.
Etc., Etc., Etc.,
By only just scratching on the surface of the potential disaster of following such a line of thought from Mr Regan, it wouldn't take long for his name to dissapear from the offices at the SFA....!
The money gained by 'catering for', and to an extent, 'turning a blind eye' to all the historical sectarian problems, will ensure that somewhere along the line, it will continue to fuel this unique Glasgow problem.
Take it from me.....the Police would become bankrupt without the massive cash injections from specifically Old Firm Derbies...
The SFA would have no power as their financial foundations would be in ruin,
by restricting Old Firm matches....
And the political outrage presently being beamed at both Old Firm clubs, would very quickly be turned on 'other sources' as the public outcry increased to a tidal wave of complaint.......!

My biggest gripe with the SFA is they dont want to play proper scottish players but instead go looking for the great grannie once had a scotty dug option now favoured by that asshole Levien.

Couldn't agree more cybers, like the latest one, Craig Mackail-Smith (Who) at the ripe old age of 27 has reached the heady heights of playing with the world famous Peterbrorough United, just because his granny has season 1 of Take the high road on video. As for the old infirm derby as my user name give's away my allegiance, all i can say is Frankly my dear i don't give a damn.

A couple of points for you Jags,
1, The "Auld Firm" are to stop paying for police officers inside their grounds and use more security staff (got this from a member of rocksteady who works with me) as it costs approx 30+ per hour for a pc and you can get 4 security staff for the same fee.
2, A certain (ahem) "newspaper" article states that only one side of the Old Firm can be sectarian as there is only 15% of the other (including recent arrivals from other countries) so there cannot be an unbiased debate unless leaders from both sides of the community agree that sectarianism goes both ways.

Yes there are various WORDS that people put into Rangers songs that can be defined as sectarian, but surely singing songs glorifying terrorists is just as bad? Or as the newspaper quote states is it a case of "your songs are sectarian but ours are historical and political"?


fastnet wrote:

Sorry Fastnet,  

fastnet wrote:

Indeed. There's a reason we dont "do" fitba on here, the main one being this
isn't a football forum. There are plenty football forums out there that I can see
so, with respect, go and debate it on those places.

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