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Alex Glass

Shettleston Housing Association Build

For the last 8-9 months I have been monitoring the progress of a new build development by Shettleston Housing Association.

With the development taking place within the grounds of the former John Wheatley College (now Academy House) on Shettleston Road I selected an ideal vantage point where I would be able to take photos from the same location and able to  get similar photos each time as the development progressed.

As the development is now almost complete I though now would be a good time to post up 35 photo taken since the development commenced.

The site of the old Library of the college was cleared of the temporary buildings and ground works commenced to prepare the site which would take away part of the car park as well.


Nice work Alex. You maybe make them into an animated GIF.
Alex Glass

With the roof now firmly in place the height has been established and over the next stage of the build you start to see the external changes taking place.

At this stage note the extending of the site to prepare the ground.

Alex Glass

Lowlight how do you do that?

Now that both buildings are taking shape the finishing touches are being added to the exterior but most of the work is moving to the internals.

The road in front of the flats was beginning to take shape but progress has been hampered by the extreme winter weather.

Updates to follow until the new residents move into their new houses.

There's sites like that will generate a GIF for you.

You might have to resize the images though. A GIF can end up pretty large.

Good luck with it.

Done... Had a spare bit of time and just did a resize and align...
Not the best but it worked


Nice one. I was gonna give i a shot but I had maps to scan. End of geek transmission.

brilliant Alex, but as a woman I get a kick out of it near completion , for some reason we dont like all the scaffolding and dirty bits.. but smashing you got them, have you got a wee dookit you stay in there to get all these

just looked there, that was clever cybers..
Alex Glass

Spent a bit of time earlier tonight looking for other photos of the site before the development and could only find one.

This was the library for the John Wheatley College.

I took the photos from the landing in the stairs of Academy House (the former John Wheatley College). I work in an office within the building.

Thanks Cybers the gif looks ok to me.  

Good work Alex, Cybers  

... Nice work.
Alex Glass

I think work will commence again tomorrow so I will post up regular updates until the new residents start to move in.

As the photos posted are from the same location I will also start to take photos from other locations.

Has anyone got any similar developments taking place or about to start that they could chart? Would be good to see similar projects

Alex Glass wrote:

Has anyone got any similar developments taking place or about to start that they could chart? Would be good to see similar projects

I should take a picture a week of the construction of the new Arena at the SECC
Alex Glass

Now that would be a good one Stu

Go for it

Kinda hard at the moment as there is only a few of the staircase windows I can see it from and its always dark.... but I'll see what I can do Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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