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Sighthill Primary School on fire 10/11/09

took this pictures today


and heres a video

Firefighters tackle blaze in disused school (Evening Times)

Firefighters are battling to control a serious blaze in the recently closed Sighthill
Primary School.

Locals called 999 at about 1 o’clock this afternoon when they saw flames shooting
up to 40 feet into the air from the disused school. Five fire engines were immediately
sent to the scene where they are continuing to fight the fire.

A spokesman for Strathclyde Fire Brigade said: “The fire is not yet under control.
It’s quite a substantial fire and is still burning.”

A local chaplain suggested that the fire may be the work of vandals.

Rev Dr James K Torrens, who is a minister at St Rollox Church of Scotland and former
chaplain at Sighthill Primary, said: “I saw the flames shooting at least 40 or 50 feet
into the air. There is a suspicion that it may have been caused by vandals, because
we have had problems like that in the area. The school closed in the summer and
there have been repeated acts of vandalism since then.”

He added: “I spent this morning with a former teacher from the school. Mr Hugh McArthur.
He would have been very sad to see the building go up in flames.”


James H

Last longer than I thought it would

agree with u stu my words aswell

I thought it had already been demolished ???

Were they intending opening it as something else?

I find it really sad driving through Fountainwell Road now  

No one's mentioned 'good work' for being our man on the spot.

Well captured, nice job - now put the matches away before you burn yourself.  

here r some pic i took of the aftermath

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