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Site of the Old Daily Record Building....

Why was this area of land never developed on?
Any reason?

(from glasgow eary 80s thread.

Erm might be a stupid reply but it was... The new offices occupy the space Left by the old Daily Record Offices  with the warehouse next door having been demolished and left the vacant lot.

The empty space was rumoured to be transformed by Trinity Mirror Who now own the group of publications in the building of some sort of Cable/Satellite Studio to produce Documentaries but that plan seems to have fallen through. Core drilling work has taken place on the site over the past few months so hopefully the void is about to be filled.

Puddles by David Laurie, on Flickr

There are similar plots the other side of the Kingston Bridge which are similarly derelict. James Watt Street has the facade (presumably listed) of the old Customs warehouse. It has been like that for over 20 years and the land behind it is still vacant.

This land might have been waiting for Bilsland's to be demolished before redevelopment takes place ... who knows ? Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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