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Snooker Hall in Battlefield Avenue


I have just joined the forum - this is my first posting.

My daughter was looking at a house in Battlefield Avenue, and it reminded me that there used to be a snooker hall in that street.  It was a basement hall just round the corner from Battlefield Road.  I have Googled for information, but got no results.  On Google Earth there is a shutter door between two shops which (I think) is where it must have been.  Does anyone remember it, and does anyone know what the basement area is used for now?

I dont remember the snooker hall but I remember the All floors place when it was a toy and model shop.

Cubby Im not familiar with one on Battlefield Ave could you possibly be getting your streets mixed up a little? The reason I ask is that there was a rileys snooker hall on Ledard rd just round the corner? it wasn't a basement one though.  

The only basment one I can think of round that way is Minnesota fats round at mount florida

I called in at All Floors yesterday (which is on the corner).  The sales lady said that she was aware of the snooker hall under the building, but that it had been closed for a long time.  She told me that her husband used to play there.  I checked the address - it's 9 Battlefield Avenue.

Thanks for replying.

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