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Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

Captured in a brief break in the clouds over Eaglesham this morning

Eclipse 008 by Lowland Locomotives, on Flickr

Crap cloud cover in Knightswood gave me one opportunity over the entire duration. :/


Great shots guys, Very atmospheric.....  

Can I also ask you both to have a look at this and use it for future use. It just splits the url's and tidies up the page.

Cheers guys.

Doog Doog

Well done! I managed to get a couple but not as good.
Lone Groover

Well the bloody Eclipse didn't show up/ But as I was there....

Science centre[/url] by Dave Trott, on Flickr

BA systems[/url] by Dave Trott, on Flickr

Glasgow central b/w[/url] by Dave Trott, on Flickr
Doog Doog


Partial Solar Eclipse by stuballscramble, on Flickr Forum Index -> Other Photography
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