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Something going on at the Monklands canal

I was riding my bike around on the Monklands/F&C this morning and found this construction going on where they joined at the timber basin. This is looking east, Pinkston is to the left, M8 to the right. There is wood on the bridge where the caterpillars have been crossing and it sounded like they were using a pile driver.

DSC00549 by aedan, on Flickr

I was also a bit confused by this which looked like a rail bridge but it's boxed in and the original stonework on the ends doesn't look like it would have been for trains. It's beside the Monklands canal bridge at the north of Castle St beside St Rochs.

DSC00498 by aedan, on Flickr

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Pretty sure its a water main that in the second pic.

Water main would make sense, saved going under the canal, I wonder why they would box it in.

If as suspected its 2 pipes then boxing it in would save calling for the Fire Brigade and the lurpak truck every time a kid got jammed between the pipes.
Most single pipes have big jaggy fence extrusions on them to keep kids off ... with multiples it was probably easier to just box it.

They're building a Paddlesports Centre - see here:

James H

For some obscure reason James I thought that was going in further north...

cybers wrote:
For some obscure reason James I thought that was going in further north...

There is, or was, a plan for something at the Maryhill Locks.

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