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South Korea

First day.  Here are the first pics from my apartment, I'm 7 floors up.  Had a walk round the town, very nice, although not too keen on the temperature, fecking roasting, very humid.  First day in the shipyard tomorrow, hopefully get some pics, will get them posted asap.

Beano long are you away for now !!! lucky bassa    

Hi Ben.  Out here for at least 3 months, could be longer if I decide otherwise as I'm not restricted to following the 3 on / 3 off plan like I am when sailing on ship.

Brilliant stuff .... As was said Lucky Bassa  

First week done.  Work-wise it's been a bit brain-numbing, having to write operational procedures for the new ship, pretty much means sitting behind a computer all day.  Okpo town is really nice, as are the locals, glad I brought my hill-walking boots, as this place is pretty steep.

The last pic is of the entrance to the abandoned amusement park.  Place was shut-down after a number of high-profile public deaths, the last being a 4-year old thrown from a high speed ride.  The park has featured in other UrbEx sites, hopefully will get my own pics in near future.

The second picture down shows some of the hills behind Okpo.  After work on Friday decided to take a walk up Guksabong, this is the tall point at the left of the pic.  Recorded at a height of 464m, felt like double that once I got to the top.  Koreans are big hill walkers, loads of routes around this area and on the island as a whole, amazing views at the top.

Absolutely stunning stuff there CE .. keep 'em coming son, keep 'em coming!

Hillwalking, South Korean style.

Thanks DS, will certainly try to upload more.
The following pics are from a wee jaunt up one of the local 'hills'.  Guksabong stands at 470m, but reckon it's a lot more than that, possibly because most of the trail up is about a 1:1 incline, if not even more acute than that.  First pic is yours truly at the viewpoint about 3/4 of the way up, managed to talk a Korean couple into man-handling my Nikon (???).  The last pic was taken with me lying on the precipice jutting out the summit of this hill, no way was I going any closer than this, pretty much a sheer drop down the other side.


wow, sensational pics

what are the creepy crawlies like?

Climbing up the hill I had my I-pod on full volume - even that wasn't enough to drown out the locusts.  Step off the path into the undergrowth sends up a cloud of them, some the size of small birds, I kid you not!!!!  Then there are the big, lazy butterflys, who don't seem to care about flying into you, more concerned with keeping their vast body weight in the air.  Other than that the creepy crawlies have been quite minimal, probably leading me into a false sense of security, then scare the bejeezus out me one night!!!!

How spicy do the Koreans like their food?..............

............that much!!!!!

Briliant shots mate. Looks like a crackin place.

Thanks Pete.  This place is fantastic, initially was expecting the colourless, grey, concrete jungle that I came to love up in Pyeong Taek and Incheon.  This wee island is vibrant, full of colour, the locals are very much forth-coming and want to get to know you.  Also the night-life is fantastic, possibly due to the vast amount of expats, luckily my apartment block is on the 'pub crawl', so not to far to crawl home after a thirst-quenching evening!  (One downer, kim-chee, look it up on Wiki, disgusting!!)

A few from the old, haunted fun fair - OkpoLand.  If it wasn't for those pesky kids, etc, etc.  Joking aside, this place does give you the heebie-jeebies, I-pod definitely switched off when in here, eyes required in the back of the head.


love the giant trainer lol
Doog Doog

Some night-time ones would give an added .... um...feel.

These were taken from the highest peak on the island of Geoje, Mt Onyabong (pretty sure that's not the correct spelling).  Anyway, you can see the size of Daewoo's yard and also the town of Okpo.  Believe the height to be around 550m, think that was also the value of my pulse by the time I got to the top!

Will be the last for a while folks.  Heading back to sea, emergency relief, joining a ship in Niigata, Japan, bound for Karratha, Withnall Bay in NW Australia.  Hopefully will only do 1 month then back home, but knowing my office........

Get that fecking boat hdr'd ..... nane of yir pish !!!


New Ship!!

Hi everybody,
Not been posting for sometime, been a bit busy (and lazy).  Anyhoo, here are the latest pics of the new ship which I am to sail on.  These were taken during gas / sea trials off the coast of South Korea - bitterly cold!


really like the pics! south korea is definitely a country i need to travel to someday.

Re: New Ship!!

cargoeng wrote:
Hi everybody,
Not been posting for sometime, been a bit busy (and lazy).  Anyhoo, here are the latest pics of the new ship which I am to sail on.  These were taken during gas / sea trials off the coast of South Korea - bitterly cold!

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