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SS Daphne sinking - 130th anniversary

Today the 3rd July is the 130th anniversary of the fatal sinking of the SS Daphne.


Horrible story. Thanks for sharing though Calamity.

Look at the list of deceased.....mostly from Govan.
Must have been a sad day.

There's a small glass cabinet display about the 'Daphne Disaster' on the bridge inside the Riverside (Transport) Museum, with an example of the mantle clock gifted to each of the victims families, newspaper sketches and a brief description of the events.

Creepy as it seems the boat was brought up and renamed The Rose..   this is so sad.

On 3 July 1883 rescue diver Thomas Fisher swam down through the Clyde to SS Daphne a 500-ton steamer that lay submerged on the bottom. The visibility was poor; only 18 inches below the surface, the water was so thick Fisher had to work by touch. He worked his way down into the ship to the port rail and along the companionway, or staircase, leading to the cabin, but, in Fisher's words:

"The companionway was blocked with one solid mass of bodies. The men were lying there thick together, the one crowded on top of the other." They had rushed from their tasks on board and had "jammed each other in a struggle to reach the deck." Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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