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St. George's Tron Church, Buchanan St. (Then & Now)

A couple of years ago I paid a visit to the the church with crappy camera,
bit dark I'm afraid & quite a lot of wee ghosts too:


Popped in again on Monday to view the refurbishment. The upper floor has been preserved though it's cream & red now rather than white & blue. The ground floor has been gutted, certainly it is light & airy but that's all that could be said for it, it's sterile and entirely lacking in character. A bookshop has been built at rear of the hall. The main (frosted) windows have been replaced by clear glass.
The chandelier, organ pipes & original pulpit have gone (no-one seems to know where) The pews apparently went to a boat builder. The organ remains, though now hidden. On the plus side, the original stained glass windows have been revealed by the removal of said organ pipes. The basement has been developed into a cafe, toilets, meeting rooms & a rear staircase leading back up to the ground floor. There are many wonderful photos on this passage, well worth a visit.
Such a shame that the re-development obliterated the original ground floor.
I should mention that the church members are very welcoming.

Some of the pics mentioned above:

The pulpit with the stained glass windows above:

The ground floor from the pulpit:

The bookshop:

The balcony:

The Cafe:

Rear stairway:

The ceiling rose has been preserved:

Yet another half decent bit of reportage HH Top marks.

The conversion isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Pity about the organ and the original light fittings though.

HollowHorn wrote:

Great pics HH.

Was there any reason for removing the detail on the balcony?

James H

Prolly made it easier to paint.  

Hope its just been hidden behind new panelling, would be shame to lose details like that forever. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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