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Stanley Street former School? 2nd Jan 09

on January 2nd, since I missed the walk of the M74 (never noticed it), I had happened to have gone out on a walk of my own. Not an area of Glasgow that I frequent, or am at all familiar with, but I ended up walking down Seaward Street & Milnpark Street.  As I was walking in this area I noticed this building along Stanley Street;phy=0&phscl=1&encType=1

on Stanley Street, so duly took a closer look.

Got a few photographs [for those that car, Ilford Delta 400, developed at home :) and scanned in with my Minolta DImage 5400]

Can anyone tell me any history of this building? And maybe the significance of the soft toys tied to the fencing?
Alex Glass

Fantastic Steven    

Very interesting subject matter and well worth you missing the M74 walk for

it was part of the school building next door

i thought as much, but didn't want to make that assumption.

so, same questions relating to the school then?

StevenJ wrote:
i thought as much, but didn't want to make that assumption.

so, same questions relating to the school then?

Its got a roof top playground

falseface wrote:
Its got a roof top playground


aye its been dubbed up for a long while.

last time i was there nae wee toys on fence

it wasn't part of the school
Alex Glass

Welcome to Urban Glasgow Kiltied_jockey.

What more do you know about this building

to the right hand side was the chapel. Our Lady and St.Margaret's Catholic Chapel.This building was the Chapel House . The school had a rooftop playground for the girls and the first floor was an enclosed playground for the boys.

I photographed that school and building last year.
The demolition had not started.
I posted the photo on glescapals and asked the to guess where it was, no problem for some of them.
I am sure the school was a Catholic School and the building was for the Sisters who taught there but I will get back to my board and check it out.
Bye for now, Norrie

Ok here is the information on the school at Stanley St School
Information supplied by a member of glescapals.
Bye for now, norrie

The school was built at nos. 126 to 136 and was built in 1910 as Our Lady & St. Margaret's RC Primary School.

Next door to it at nos. 11o to 118 was Our Lady & St. margaret's RC Church dating from around 1880. Attached to the church is a presbytery, which I think may be the house you are referring to. Very likely that nuns and priests would have lived here, serving both the school and church.

To the rear ran Stanley Street Lane, where at nos. 17 to 19 stood a church hall.

Jeez this is a blast from the past for me, bringing back so many memories from nearly 50 years ago.
The photos brought me back to my time at St Margarets
... The girls open playground on the roof
... The boys enclosed playground on the first floor with iron bars instead of    
... Bringing in the frozen crates of free 1/2 pint bottles of milk.
... Stealing biscuits from the factory across from the school.
... Scrambling in for the halfpennies, pennies, thruppenceys bits, sixpences
   and the odd shilling that used to be thown from the bridal car leaving the    
   chapel to the right of the school.
   I moved to Ireland shortly after this so thanks for the memories

here's my pics of the presbytery, each time i'm in the area i expect it to be gone, but it still survives.

Hi Derelictglasgow, it looks worse thamn when I took photos of it about 3 years ago
It was fenced off then and your right, its not long before its demolished

Good shots

My name is Joanna

This building interests me because my mum who was born in 1925, went to school here in 1930-1940. I am interested if there are any school records anywhere. She lived in Blackburn Street and also in Stanley Street. If anyone  has any information i would be very interested
Alex Glass

I am sure there will be School Log Books and School Role books held in the Mitchell Library. That is the fist place you need to visit to as for any info on the School. The staff there are very hepful. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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