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Strathclyde Country Park

When it's not being used as a racetrack for numpties or a dogging spot at night "Strathy" is a really beautiful place:-


Maybe we could go on a "remains of bothwellhaugh" trip. There is a trail for it through the park. I think..

Great idea for a thread.......was up there just last week.

rotten milk

about 10 yrs ago, one sunday afternoon, i happened to see a programme on STV which was all about bothwellhaugh
it had archive film footage of when the last families were leaving for the last time, as well as current interviews with some of the folk involved, some who were just bairns at the time.

it was very interesting (never heard of the place before), but at the same time quite sad and eerie, imagining a village that had existed for as long being vacated before disappearing altogether
is it true the houses etc. are still there, albeit underwater?

does anyone remember this prog?

I remember that programme, though my memory of it is that it was a BBC
Scotland show.    I think some of the buildings are still underwater,
though I'll need to get some scuba gear to confirm...

James H

Nah sorry urban myth
the Pailis as it was called was almost completely flattened
There was a cottage left that was used as a wee museum don't know
if its still there.
There is more left of David Dales orbison community than of Bothwellhaugh


Strathy park. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

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