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Strathclyde Park information

Hi there people,

Let me introduce myself first of all, I'm KT, and I'm a mature student studying planning at University.

Although I live in South Lanarkshire, I'm not originally from here so I do not have a lot of localised knowledge unfortunately.

Anyway, which brings me to the reason for this post....

I'm currently doing my dissertation, and as part of that I'm looking at 2 case studies, one of which is Strathclyde Park Loch.

I've done my initial research, have seen the Bothwellhaugh documentary years ago, been down at Low Parks Museum, contacted the local council etc who haven't really been very useful.

So, yeah, the reason for my post, well its just to see if anyone has any additional information on the Loch at all; the reasoning behind it, or anything really.

I've still to go through Abercrombie's 1946 work which mentions it, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be very grateful.

Oh and before I forget, hi everyone

PS anyone??

Oh I should mention I'm happy to contribute to the forum, like a wee jaunt out and about, so I've plenty of pictures from my various weekend travels :)

Post away then.....

I have :)

Hi KT  

I don't know if it will be of any use to you but there is a Bothwellhaugh thread which may have some useful information. I would suggest contacting the librarians at the library in the Town Hall building in Cadzow St with regards to any information on Strathclyde Park and the area.

Hi Marblez, thanks for the response, and Hi right back at you  

Yeah I checked out the Bothwellhaugh thread last night, and had a look at the link provided, it was actually quite useful.

I'm trying to establish if the land which houses Strathclyde Park Loch was part of the Hamilton Palace grounds, and the information suggests part of it was farmland. If only the internet was around in those days it would be so much easier!

I'm planning a visit to the library this week coming, so I'll see if that reaps anything.

For anyone whos interested, I did come across this...

A small document, which gives some of the reasoning for the need for parklands (The 1940-45 section) with some other interesting stuff relating to the greater Glasgow area

IIRC there was a North Avenue which went from Hamilton Palace down to the village at Bothwellhaugh, in a similar vein to the Grand Avenue which ran from the Palace up to Chatelherault. There is some information on the wikipedia page on Hamilton Palace

Once again, thanks  

I'll check it out, I usually tend to bodyswerve wiki, uni frowns upon it, but its a good place to start.

I think you may have tried the wrong heritage centre, Motherwell is where I'd have gone, the River Clyde bridge was the boundary between Motherwell and Hamilton Burghs, the park is on the Motherwell side.

I think the spur was the building of the M74 which required the course of the Clyde to be altered. There was already a leisure park off the Hamilton Road, Motherwell, with a small man-made pond for fishing. There was also the Pailis Pond at the North (Bellshill) end, which was also fished. The Roman Bridge at the North East marked another heritage / leisure site with paths leading into Orbiston Golf course. The area in between was rough moorland but with natural paths leading all over it. That side of the Clyde I believe would have been part of the Orbiston Estate, rather than Duke of Hamilton. You'd need to check, but the Clyde seems the natural boundary between these lands. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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