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Student Dissertation - OATLANDS, GORBALS, GOVAN

Hey there all on Urban Glasgow!

I have come across this forum through the New Glasgow Society, and thought it would be good to put out a post.  The topic is very relavent for the interests discussed here.

I am doing some research in Glasgow on Oatlands, Gorbals and Govan and am trying to find people who might be interested in speaking with me in an interview.  It would probably be 30 - 40 minutes, discussing your history in the area and how you have become attached to living there over the years (I am intrested in new residents too). I then want to ask how recent renewal projects are affecting the way you are attached to living there.

I don't know if anyone is familar with Chris Leslies work, but what I am interested in is kind of similar to that.

Would be great to hear of anyone interested, but also general comments people might have on the regeneration of these areas, and how the places have changed for worse or better.

Cheers! Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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