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Sunhill Fashions

I noticed on my way over to Richmond Park a couple of weeks ago that the door to Sunhill Fashions was opened so I went a wander over today with the wee man and his Granny to get a couple of shots inside.

Does anyone have any info on the building, company, history etc?

So here's a few shots from inside.

Go to my Flickr for larger sizes

The road in

Sunhill Fashions

Roon the back

This is inside the older building to the right with the big rusty door. No idea what the point of the room was but it had a fridge, a washing machine, some cosmetic stuff (cream, make-up) a dead pigeon and some other random nonsense.

Inside the Sunhill Fashions entrance

The next three are of their old production/workshop area.

So in conclusion it wasn't very exciting and I didn't want to go too far in since I had the family with me but I might jump over in a couple of weeks again for a little bit more exploration.

Judging by the look of those photos Pete it looks like it is the old S. Yaffy buildings at Dalmarnock/Shawfield.

If so my cousin used to work in there before they moved to Cambuslang.
It was in the way of the new road it would seem  

Will try to find out some more info and show her this page when i next see her.

That would be great. I thought going by the crappy hand painted sign that Sunhill Fashions maybe didn't reside there for too long.

Thanks for the info.
Chief Inspector

Aye Yaffy moved out to Cambuslang Park last year they make saftey clothing hi viz stuff.
The older building that you see is the power house for the thread mill that once stood there.

Thanks for the info. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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