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Tarbet to Inveraray

I went for a weekend to Tarbet a few weeks ago and went a trip to Inveraray one of the days. Here are a few pics taken that day.

I was really lucky that day as the wind dropped and the lochs were like a mirror. It took ages to get to Inveraray as I kept asking my girlfriend to stop the car to take photos.


One of my favourite places

Its one of mine too. There are so many opportunities for photos you could spend all day taking pictures. Don't let the sunshine fool you it was the end of February and it was freezing cold.  

Alex Glass

Great photos Stan and many of them are fantastic reflections too  

Particularly the one with the double tunnel


Thank you. The one that looks like the double tunnel is the hump back bridge on the way in to Inveraray. I took a few pics when I arrived but it was breezy. Just before I left I went to take a few more and was so lucky the wind completely disappeared. You could turn the pics upside down and they look the same. Trust me, I've tried it.


Great photos Stan.


Nice wee set is that !

thanks cybers, some old ones I dug out...
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