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Templetons Interior

I tried to get into Templetons to take photos but got told it wasnt safe and they dont have saftey clothes for visitors to wear but Mark Hamilton architect has given me some photos and permission to use them on here... of the inside of the building taken in the past couple of years..


Buy your own ... most of us have hard hats boiler suits or tyveks and face or particle masks... coupled with the sturdy footwear preferably toecapped and hi-vis cloak of invisibility you should already have.

think there wiz mer tae it Cybers. dont think he wanted us in..

calamity wrote:
think there wiz mer tae it Cybers. dont think he wanted us in.. hiv been barred fae better places hen....    

aye mibbe seen me afore in ma hard hat...ur didnae fancy auld dears trippin and suein..

They used to have a massive room at the top of the building,where they would lay the carpets out and cut them to size,made to measure.
Charlie Endell

This has been annoying me - did they demolish part of the building (on the Templeton Street side)?

It could be a false memory but my grandfather was a security guard at Templeton's. I remember (vaguely) him taking me there on a few occasions when I was a pre-school age (early '70s) and I seem to remember going through a vehicular access tunnel through the side on Templeton Street (into what my - obviously flawed - memory recalls as a courtyard, but was obviously - from looking at it on Google Earth - much larger than that). Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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