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Tom 23

Tenements question

As someone who doesn't have a clue, how tenements are set up, please could someone explain why 12 people are listed at 66 Prince Edward Street.

Was it like one door leading into various flats, how did receiving post work?, for example if you had different people that shared the same initial and a common surname.


They are usually set up as a main address and then flat numbers I.E.

0/1, 0/2,0/3
1/1, 1/2,1/3
2/1, 2/2,2/3 etc...

One entry off the street into a common 'close' and stairway. Each flat on each level has its own door.

Pr Edward St would have 3 flats on each of 4 levels = 12 flats, numbered as Fastnet says.
cinema historian

re number of flats in a tenement

my grandparents(my mums mum and dad) lived at 17 shields road and their tenement as were all the other closes in the whole block(i think) close two flats 1st floor two flats 2nd floor 2 flats top floor two flats
most of the other closes had two flats with two on each floor except where there was a shop either side of the close when there were no flats
the flat on the right hand side (opposite gran and granpa) didnt have an internal toilet it was situated under the stairs all the other flats had internal toilets though
none of the flats were renumbered as per the post about edward street i think the letters would have been written mr smith top left 17 shields road glasgow

The system Fastnet described was used in all tenements. When postcodes were introduced I sent a letter addressed to 46(our close number), 2/1(top floor left) followed by the postcode. It was delivered to our house without any problem. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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