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Charlie Endell

Tennent's Lager

Although I can't stand cooking lagers I was wondering if anyone could settle an argument I'm having with a mate.

He says Tennent's only became available on draught in pubs in the late '70s, I say much earlier.

I'm sure my grandfather said you could get it on draught in the '50s, but lager was seen as a woman's drink then.

1920s according to wiki.

I remember it being sold in pubs in 1973 when i started drinking.
Charlie Endell

Aye, 1924 in draught according to Wiki, and 1963 in kegs. Still not sure when it became widely available. 1930s? 1950s?

Maybe he's thinking of McEwan's Lager.  I'm pretty sure I remember that appearing in pubs in the 70's

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