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The Big W

what a shame that this big shop had to close with all the others. I just wonder how long it will like like this, surely someone would want this prime site. and can sanyone tell me why The Grange Pub was left lying empty near here for so long. I was beginning to think it was listed.. and then it was demolished. without the pub the Camlachie area has been virtually lost now.. all thats really left if the old toilets on the other side of the road and the Whitevale Swimming Baths..


Think the Grange had the same kind of owner as the last block in Easterhouse Calamity.
I used to drive past it regular and wonder why it was still standing.
In the 80's when i was left with my grandparents whilst my mother worked chances are they would go AWOL but this was where they could usually be found.

No really any great hardship as it was said of me i could either be found on the railway or up a tree in the gravy.

see what you mean cybers... this is another one I dont understand,, it had a man on his own with a hammer a year ago battering away on his own taking down part of the David Dale in Broad st on his own.. now all work has stopped.. Id be keeping the old college and making it into flats as I dont think the planners know whats going on here..

 Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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