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peter kemp

The Cloch

Old timers at beach huts near the Cloch Lighthouse in 1960s. Just next to the lighthuse was a cyclists club hut that had been part of ww2 lookout post.
peter kemp



I gotta get me one o' them toories!
Alex Glass

They look like charictors from Para Handy

Great photo Peter

Those huts are still there and always wondered what the deal was to who owns and lives in them.
Reminded me of a seaside version of the Carbeth huts.
peter kemp

I think at one time these Carbeth like dwellings extended as far as Lundrston Bay almost to where the Kip marina is today.

hi i am new to this forum.i seen your discussion about the huts at cloch huts. ive been in one of the huts at cloch,there great inside, what a place to have one looking across the water.  I have one down in ayr just like those ones at cloch. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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