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The end of the Newbury Tower, Foulis Building and Vic Bar

Hi, I was hoping to get some help in my mission to document these buildings at the art school before work begins to demolish them in a months time. I have been all through the archives at the GSA and they have very little documentation of these buildings. I have seen some photos that have been posted and I was wondering If I could get copies sent to me so they can go in the archives so these buildings will not be forgotten entirely. Many thanks
big drew

I think I should add that the current plans should have been on the table 25 years ago.....before the Art School sold off assets and buildings that are now private school properties amongst others.....
I will miss the buildings...but not the architecture as they were long passed their sell by date for a multi-functioning art school, OK, there was a bit of character about them....but folks, they were 'real middens' as far as services and plumbing were concerned.....
Just hope that 'commercial interests' do not 'F*** Up' what is a genuine Scottish Asset.....! Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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