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The Forth and Cart Junction Canal

This might be common knowledge but it came as a bit of a surprise to me, it’s not often you find a canal in Scotland that you’ve never heard of especially one in Glasgow, so I thought it was worthy of a topic.

From Wikipedia “The Forth and Cart Canal was a short 0.5-mile (0.8 km) link canal which provided a short cut between the Forth and Clyde Canal, at Whitecrook, and the River Clyde, opposite the mouth of the River Cart. It was intended to provide a transport link between the town of Paisley, the Firth of Forth and Port Dundas, Glasgow, without having to go via Bowling, some 7 miles (11 km) downstream on the Clyde. The Forth and Cart Canal was closed in 1893. Railway works destroyed most of it soon afterwards”

More detail

NLS map with Google overlay

Hi cell , interesting and news to me, well spotted

Hence the paisley canal line. And paisley canal station.

Hi Darrel, Im not so sure that those station used the word canal because of the Forth and Cart Canal, I found this on the web
I think this canal went to Port Eglington in Glasgow

The Paisley Canal Railway line was originally a canal which ran from Glasgow to Johnstone and the area to the west of the old Canal Street Station (now Castlegait ) was the site of a terrible disaster in 1810 which claimed 85 lives. Read about it here.

The route was taken over in 1882 by Glasgow and South Western Railway and became a branch line running from Glasgow through three stations in Paisley (Paisley Canal , Paisley West and Hawkhead) to North Johnstone. Trains ran to Kilmacolm and Greenock by connections to other railways. The Kilbarchan loop line is now the National cycle track to Lochwinnoch. The remains of Kilbarchan station are still there.

Norrie you are indeed correct.

The Glasgow Paisley and Ardrossan Canal, was built to connect Ardrossan to Glasgow to allow easy transportation of goods to the city from the sea. Building commenced in 1807 and was completed in 1810. It was taken over by the G&SW who converted the route into a rail link between Glasgow and Paisley which then connected to the existing network just outside Elderslie, hence the reason it was named the Canal line. The line then continued through Kilmacolm up to Greenock. The line opened in 1885 and closed in 1983 just two years short of its centenary. When the line reopened in 1990 it only ran to a new Paisley Canal station on the opposite side of Causeyside St.

The canal basin at the Glasgow end was in Canal St (now Mauchline St) just off Salkeld St. The site is now a Keyline, but there is a reminder on the wall as the address plaque on the corner of the building is 130 Port Eglinton

The Forth and Cart canal was in Clydebank and followed a line which today is now Argyll Road and Cart St. Cart St used to lead into the famous John Brown yard and is now the main access road to the new Clydebank College and the Titan Crane
Vinny the Mackem

You can see the original "Port Eglinton" on this NLS map (yes, I'm getting the slider out again!)

This should link you to the 1882 Bartholomew Post Office map, but if you change this on the left to the 1888 version, the Canal has gone.

Vinnie - please step a w a y from the slider ....
Vinny the Mackem

From my cold, dead hands .....  

Vinny the Mackem wrote:
From my cold, dead hands .....  
If necessary    

Incidentally, if you scroll west on the 1882 next to the Dumbreck Priory and Villa it states on the line of the canal "GS&W Railway Paisley Canal Line" so it must have been in the process of being converted at that time

had never heard of this canal either. what a mine of info this site is

russell1976 wrote:
had never heard of this canal either. what a mine of info this site is

Neither had I. Everyday's a schoolday.

James H

news to me too and i live next to the canal.must do more homework as i know most of the burns in the area.

sputnik wrote:
news to me too and i live next to the canal.must do more homework as i know most of the burns in the area.
aye get the finger oot then lol  only kiddin my man

There seems to have been quite a few according to this website

I drive on this road a couple of times a week, I love this stuff. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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