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The Homecoming

10th December 2008

After an exceptionally well attended turn out in Canterbury on the 7th where they were granted the ’Freedom of the City’ the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders march through the town of Stirling:

Mrs. Horn & I went up to see our youngest parade through the town, it was a very emotional experience, I’m a sucker for a pipe band & gret all the way from start to finish

Getting ready for the parade on the esplanade at Stirling Castle:

Two members of ‘The Old & Bold’ await the march:

The parade issues from the castle gates:

The Mascot ‘Cruachan‘ who carries more decorations than most of the regiment was some time ago ‘busted’ down a rank & put on hay rations for a week for doing his business on a parade ground in front of the the Queen (how rude!)

The troops march down the esplanade via Mar Place to Broad St.:

The parade reaches St. Mary’s Wynd:

And on to Branton St:

Entering Murray Place, the parade halts while the band serenades the crowd, they play the ever emotional ‘Highland Cathedral’:

The band enters Corn Exchange Rd.:

Followed by the battalion:

The parade halts for the dedication ceremony, addressed by the badly wounded lieutenant colonel David Richmond, who rises from his wheelchair onto crutches to commemorate those members of the Argyll’s who died in Afghanistan.

The battalion ‘Falls Out’ after a very emotional march through the town. The marched through Dumbarton to-day and finish the tour at Alloa to-morrow.

Following the parade we repaired to The Portcullis Hotel where we dined on the corned beef & cheese sandwiches that 'The Chief' should remember well.
Alex Glass

Absolutely fantastic HH            

Great narrative as well


Alex...............ya big saftie.
Alex Glass


Can't speak at the moment I am still emotional


That has to be one of the best photosets there has been posted here.
Thank you for sharing this day with us HH.
Just a shame they never all made it home.

Goodun HH. It was difficult to make them out due to the good camo, one even looked like a Shetland pony!  

Excellent stuff HH thanks for sharing this you and Mrs HH must be very proud. Glad the boy got back safe and sound

scallopboy wrote:
It was difficult to make them out due to the good camo, one even looked like a Shetland pony!  

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