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The Hurlet

Does anyone know what is ?or was ?the Hurlet I know it is on the outskirts of Glasgow but could anyone tell me a little about its History .
Thanks  Billycan

Re: The Hurlet

Does anyone know what is ?or was ?the Hurlet I know it is on the outskirts of Glasgow but could anyone tell me a little about its History .
Thanks  Billycan


I had never heard of it so did a google search.

It appears to be restaurant named after a now-defunct mining village.

I couldn't find more detail on the village itself.

Hope this helps.


The 'hurlet' as such is an area included in most maps and descriptions as "Nitshill and Hurlet", and as such have been neighbouring housing areas for 200 or so years.
The actual Hurlet area has been the subject of many area changes and has been inside Renfrewshire for many years, although where Nitshill ends, and Hurlet begins is a debatable point.
Historical papers show much of these communities being transferred between Paisley, Renfrewshire and Glasgow when origins where generally defined by Church and Parish records.
From a local perspective we tend to call the area where the Nitshill Road meets the Barrhead Road, as 'The Hurlet', but there are plans of old mansions and miners cottages and other substantial buildings that tend to become Renfrewshire leading to Barrhead and environs.
There is of course several churches which have Hurlet as part of their definition, but i don't think that there is an actual community known as 'Hurlet'.
Alex Glass has some historical bumph of some of this.....perhaps he might have more information for you....!

Thanks for the Info, I new it was on the Renfrewshire Border  but all I remember was a Service Station called the Hurlet it seems to be a District rather than an actual place ? bit of a mystery   Thanks Billy
bigdrew are correct, there are some 'substantial houses' in this area, for example East Hurlet House, the thoughts being that if there is an East house then there must be other points of the compass included...
If you check through some previous discussions, you will see some dialogue about houses at the Hurlet and geography about the area and its past....
Alex Glass

The story od Nitshill and Hurlet is told in the book Glasgow's Villages - South.

The Hurlet, as Drew pointed out, was a village in it's own right mainly made up of miners cottages. It was also where Charles McIntosh lived and the place gave it's name to a couple of companies the main one being "Hurlet Chemical Company" and Hurlet Alum Works were situated in the area of Househill Park at the side of Levern Bridge on Nitshill Road to Barrhead Road. This was also the are where the Gas Works were located.

If you go back to Part 1 of Nitshill and the Surrounding area you will see it referred to in the text posted there.

Hi I worked at the Hurlet service station (garage)from 1969--73 when Alex Mackie owned it selling and servicing cars,it sat on the junction of nitshill road/paisley road/and barrhead road,another guy who worked along side me was Stuart Mylett who I think came from Paisley and the head car salesman was a big aberdonian man called Alister Cassie
Alex Glass

Hi Davie

Sorry I haven't been around here much so didn't see you post.

Do you have any old photos of the area? It has changed since your time working in the area.


sorry I don't have any photos ,just memories I was born in the last house in Peat road (top) across from vics cafe,at the age of 12 we moved to the posh flats in Newfield square,my big sister Isabel Ritchie new more people around as she was 18 or 18  in the early  1960s we used to go about the area when I reached 17 in the late 60s on lambretta's and vespa's {mods}roaring round Prestwick street and Glenlora drive trying to impress the Lassies.sad to see Craigbank has all gone
Alex Glass

There are lots of people from the area on hear would love to hear more of your recollections of growing up here.

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