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The LAW!

Ive been told something, but have no way of knowing if it is true.

If a building does not have a registered owner, then after 10 years the contents are covered by something similar to salvage law. Is that true?

Where would you find out who the owner of a property was?

If there is no registered owner, do laws like trespass etc. still apply?

Many thanks
Vinny the Mackem

All buildings have a registered owner.  Some of them, however, cannot be traced.

In law, however, you have positive prescription and negative prescription, governed mainly by the Prescription and Limitations Act 1973.  Generaly, the ten year thing is where an individual "enjoys" peaceable occupation or possession of the property uninterrupted and unchallenged for a period of ten years. It's quite a bit more complex than that, but for the purpose of the question, this will be enough to get the general idea.

To "recover" the contents after ten years, the claimant would have to say that they have enjoyed possession of the items for ten years without being challenged.

To simply go into an unoccupied property after a period of ten years and collect the  would be theft by housebreaking.


Churches in private hands revert back to the church as the owner .... Strange little quirk in the law and no one wants to argue with god over it.

As for the trespass thing its never trespass in buildings its Opening Lockfast Premises in Scotland regardless if it was an open door.
Vinny the Mackem

Didn't know about the Church thing!  Must look that up!

Opening lockfast places/theft by housebreaking? You say not guilty, I say not proven ... all the same result in the end!

The OLP negates the need for them to prove theft it is indeed the same result... Jail time or huge fines

Cheers all for the speedy reply!

Aye, ah thought it was too good to be true, kind of hard to say i had been living in the dump for 10 years.

I assume there is a difference in law between these two situations:

1)Using a Bolt Cutter - police matter, very serious.

2)using a ladder to enter the same property, but with no damage at all - ie there is a window missing. only dresses in lycra underpants, and carrying only a camera. Probably held over night, but not much more.

Any kind of police record could go against me with my job, but there is this cracker of a site................
Vinny the Mackem

cybers wrote:
The OLP negates the need for them to prove theft it is indeed the same result... Jail time or huge fines

Indeed, but there was a clear inference in the original post that some goodies were to be procured and not just looked at!

But aye, definitely in the territory of "you're about to go to a lockfast place that is unlikely to be broken out of!"  

Donald if its a church and possibly the one i think it is the chances of the police showing up are slim .... The chances of the owner who lives next door and owns a shotgun and two large fearsome lurchers well they are pretty good. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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