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James H
Alex Glass

What a day for taking photos like this. The weather couldn't have been better.

James H

A few of mine

Where does it go?..

Clock Mechanism

OK, Who Changed the Time?

Glasgow Green looking lush

Alex Glass

That is a fantastic photo Mr Fjord.

Still haven't had time to see if any of mine turned out any good.

Will hopefully post some tomorrow.

Thankyou Mr Alex, I rekon it'd look a lot better without that empty Dalmarnock towerblock blotting the horizon.

Fjord wrote:
Thankyou Mr Alex, I rekon it'd look a lot better without that empty Dalmarnock towerblock blotting the horizon.

I noticed the black tarp appearing on parts of the building last night... is that coming down this weekend by any chance?
Alex Glass

I wish I had time to read this earlier and I would have contacted someone to find out if it is this weekend that the multi is being demolished.

Mr Fjord on your picture it looks like we could almost name it "The Leaning Tower of Dalmarnock". It looks like it has a bit of a list to the right.

Alex Glass wrote:
Mr Fjord on your picture it looks like we could almost name it "The Leaning Tower of Dalmarnock". It looks like it has a bit of a list to the right.

I suspect it was Fjord who had the list...

James H
Alex Glass

Inside the Briggait Clock Tower

Enjoy your night out James?

Still working on my photos but here are a couple of shots from the interior.

Bird Mesh

Enter into Heaven

No view from here
Alex Glass

View from The Briggiat Clock Tower

Here are some of the photos I took of the view from the Briggait Clock Tower.

Parhead - Celtic Park

North Glasgow

The River Clyde and Gorbals to the South East

The River Clyde, Sherrif Court and out South West of Glasgow

St Enoch's Centre and out West


There'se the burdz..

A couple of videos from inside and outside the briggait....apologies for the delay

how did you get in to take pictures?

catt_231 wrote:
how did you get in to take pictures?

We blackmailed the gate keeper with a woman of virtue intact.

Sadly we never saw HollowHorn again


The Briggait when it was open in 1988.

The pic is from the pilot episode of Rab C Nesbitt, Rab C Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet,
which was shown on BBC Scotland around Christmas 1988. It was shown nationwide
a year later, after the BBC had given the go-ahead for a full series.

Some interesting notes from this show - the Nesbitts live in a different house,
Mary is pregnant (we never hear of this again), Dodie is played by Alex Norton (he
didn't reprise the role in the series - Ian McColl went on to play Dodie) and The Two
Ways is referred to as 'Howdens.'

Some cameos from Ricky Fulton, Russell Hunter, Jerry Sadowitz, Peter Capaldi
and Viv Lumsden!

James H
Mahdi West

Looking not too bad inside from what I could see. Nice and bright. Any ideas what they're going to use it for now? Still work in progress but I could see a couple of offices rigged up.


Revamp puts new ‘art’ into Briggait (© Evening Times)

It came perilously close to being demolished in 1980 and has lain derelict for decades.

But this weekend an A-listed market will be unveiled after a £6.5million revamp.

It opens a new artistic chapter at the Briggait, the 1873 building that was used
for more than 100 years as a fishmarket and had a short-lived spell as the
“50 shop, one stop” shopping centre.

The building was only saved after a campaign by local residents who formed
The Bridgegate Trust – built upon by The Wasps Trust, which has spearheaded
its transformation into an arts hub.

“It was that ‘communitarian’ impulse for which the city is famed that helped
on what has been a long-term process of rescuing, restoring and bringing it back
into use,” says Wasps’ chief executive David Cook, who began talks on the
building in 2000.

“Usually people have a connection with the building – maybe shopping when it
was a shopping centre, or they used to get fish there. This is one of the buildings
in the city that most people have an affection for.”

The Briggait will be officially opened as part of the Merchant City Festival, giving
the public the chance to see the refurbished courtyard and browse some of the
45 artists’ studios and 24 office spaces.

Under the impressive glass and cast iron ceiling of the central courtyard of the
main market hall will be displays by some tenants, including aerial acrobatics from
Conflux and dance performances by YDance, Dance House and the mixed abilities
troupe Independance.

Wrought iron gates have been removed from the main public entrance, now
flanked by temporary exhibition spaces.

Discussions are ongoing into uses for the courtyard, although events in summer
months are likely to be more popular than in winter.


James H

Why they never made this a venue before now makes you wonder...
It could be a great venue for so many things and maybe its revival will continue now paddys is gone and there is a revamping to upmarket the area.
Thought they were getting rid of the Jakey Motel ?
As it seems to be the only real thorn in the side.

Couldn't agree more.  Walking past Jakey Central always makes me uncomfortable, even on a Sunday morning at 10.00am!!  Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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