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The Toledo, Muirend

I got a bit carried away with the cinema stuff thats been posted lately. I had a poke around on the Scottish Cinemas site and came across the one that I used to go to when I was wee. The Toledo on Clarkston Road. I remember when it closed. Maybe I'm just naive, maybe I'm too much of an optimist, I just assumed it would be bought, renovated and re-opened!

I used to always read the local free rag, The Extra. In there they kinda tracked the fortunes of the cinema. When I learned it was to have its heart ripped out and made into flats I was saddened. When they put up the 'Thank you and Goodnight' message my partner thought it was a sweet gesture, but I was quite emotional when I saw it.

Did all cities have such a number of cinemas or was Glasgow especially blessed. Did they all show different films? Or was there much less releases back then. I wonder if 'progress' is always a good thing? I think I could put up with a small screen and no 3D sutrround sound.

I've never in the past had much interest in old cinemas or old buildings. I joined the UG forum at a time whan I was feeling homesick (I live in Birmingham). Is it something to do with getting more nostalgic with age, or is it that the passion for this stuff is infectious?


For me it is the achitecture of the buildings, and how much was put into building them. With Glasgow being as old as it is, it's only RIGHT that the powers that be try and save as many old buildings as possible, or at least amalgamate as much of them as is possible into new structures.

One of the best examples of this that i know of is the old church at Westercraigs off Duke St at the Belgrove St end, which had modern flats built around the towers and frontage...

I think this is a fine example of old and new in perfect harmony...

The way those flats were integrated with the old church is great. It looks really well designed. Converted / abandoned or demolished churches give me mixed feelings though. On the one side we have the notion of moving away from superstition. But the flipside of the argument is that maybe we are moving away from God.  Faith, particularly on a Glasgow forum is probably kept personal :)


Unfortunate but true Becky.
On a personal note i have no faith so bothered either way ? nope.

Religion is IMHO the cause of more problems on this planet than anything else. I do not mock others for what they might believe and i do not force my views on others either.
We should all be able to get along regardless but this is very unlikely to ever be the case.

I went to The Toledo many years ago to see Back to the future as it was the only place we could get in...
Dingy wee place much like the Flea Pit (Parade)
Alex Glass

Check out the photos of the old church on here

The Andrew Charles Paul Collection

Half way down

Hi alex, that was interesting, I have must have passed that church a few times on my way to The Palais and never noticed it.
The photos of the building being demolished in Denniestoun, now I know what was on that corner before they built the new building.
I photographed all of Dennistouns and Haghills tenements a couple of years ago and wondered what was on that corner, now I know.
Thanks goodness for those guys who took photos in the 60/70s
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