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peter kemp

The West Highland Way 2008

May 2008 a 95 mile walk on the Wet Highland Way.


Nice set Peter. I see you found Rowchoish okay then

And Doune Byre...

James H
Chief Inspector

Great set Peter bit of a mixture of weather as is usual for May on the
W H W the dug looked as if he had a great walk !
wee minx

Phew, I feel I was doing it myself there too, that looked hard work, nice views though

Great pictures, makes me want to be there also.  LOVED the little doggy.

95miles on those wee paws...
The dug must have been knackered as well.
Great photos Peter.
Alex Glass

Fantastic Peter  

Makes me feel a bit of a fraud. When I did it five years ago we stayed at B&Bs.

Carrying all your kit with you as well.  

Great photos as well

What an utterly fantastic chronicle of your walk Pete mate.. absolutely comprehensive set of photos showing the highs and lows (some of thon weather looked manky) of taking the plunge and actually 'doing the do' when it comes to the Highland Way.

Cheers for sharing ...  

Only just found this thread. Great set Peter.

I'm planning on doing the WHW in a few months with a couple of guys from work.

Any tips people?

LowLight wrote:
Any tips people?

Take Compeed

Thanks. I'll put that on the list.


Thanks for sharing the photos.  Absolutely stunning


p.s Was it a Feudian slip when you wrote "Wet Highland Way"?

Lowlight..pick a rucksack with a frame and must fit comfortable also keep it light. Carry packet food (no tins) and take a tent,bed roll few pairs of socks and a good light sleeping bag. The more you carry the harder the walk. (break your boots in)  

Good tips Ben. I'll take them all on board. Thanks. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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