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Tron Theatre and condemned prisoners tunnel?

Talking to one of my colleagues at the weekend, she used to work at the Tron Theatre for a couple of years - and she swears that there is a tunnel under the Tron that took the prisoners to be hanged -  to Glasgow Cross? Which is of course one of the places in Glasgow that people were executed.

She also said that there is a story that a member of staff a few years back during refurbishment or exploring - came across the tunnel and peered into the tunnel - where they screamed and panicked demanding that the tunnel should be closed up again (sounds like an urban legend to me!)

I came across the Tron Theatre leaflet online and this is where my colleague probably got the story...

Does anyone know anything about this? If it is there or just a myth?

Have googled it and haven't came across anything...

You hit the urban legend right on the head with executions at the cross !  

Said tunnel now must cross a railway line or vice versa and where would it come up ?

Another urban myth...

It would be near impossible to tunnel in that section due to the exisiting tunnel and previous station. Under that cage at the cross is an open cavern going down to the railway line. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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