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Alex Glass

UG United

I thought that I should post something as we approach the 1st Birthday of Urban Glasgow.

This year has been very interesting in a lot of ways. The group of people I have come to know (mainly online) have been great and it has been a real pleasure to have contributed to Urban Glasgow. We all come from different walks of life and some have been friends for a lot longer than UG has been on the go but have always been willing to join in on activities and many have shared the fruits of their wanders around Glasgow and other places.

Unfortunately I am not able to participate in many of these adventures but it is always good to see small and larger groups going out and bringing back the images they have captured and sometimes a wee story of what went on.

Sometimes I go on a wander on my own but I always get the sense that it would have been far more exciting if one or two UGrs had been there too. Often I think about the various views others would have seen and could have taken much better photos than me.

If there was an Annual Report for Urban Glasgow I am sure it would say it has had a good first year with many interesting subjects covered and lots of friendship displayed online. It would I am sure go on to say that it has still got a long-way to go if it can keep up the momentum it has established in this first year but it will be hard to maintain the quality of its first years output.

Not to be negative but to be realistic. We all have contributed to establishing Urban Glasgow and hopefully it will go from strength to strength. I just hope that in a years time we will all look back on the second year and be able to say Urban Glasgow has been even better with lots more people joining and contributing.

There is still a lot of Glasgow out there to see and more places to visit.

I personally hope that one day I will be able to get along to one of those Drinks Nights. Maybe one night I will be able to experience the coming together of like minded people who share a common interest and join in on the discussions that take place and be in the company of fellow UGrs.

I had a look through the membership list earlier and note that there are about 30 regular contributors out of a total of 157. Maybe some of those who have joined will find a reason to contribute more. Hopefully everyone will at some time join in on one of the informal wanders or be able to get along to a more formal visit.

Hopefully as Urban Glasgow grows it doesn't loose that feeling of Brother/sisterhood that has been present during this first year.

I know this has been a bit of a ramble but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has made me welcome and shared in some of the topic I have started. It is always difficult to start a topic. the worry of it dying after the first post and being of no interest is made a lot easier here because you know there is always someone who will follow you not knowing were you are going but all pulling together to sometimes lead it in a direction of its own.

So a BIG THANK YOU from me to everyone I have come to know in even a small way.

Congratulations to Allan and James for starting this and to everyone who has stuck with it in this first year.



And I'm sure I'll not be alone in thanking you Alex for arranging access for us to many of places visited over the past year.


I read that and found myself humming a tune.... I believe it was the Jupiter suite from Holts - The Planets :)

I'm positive the best of UG is yet to come  

alex,well said,it does make you feel part of great wee community on share knowledge and photos with strangers can be a bit dangerous but this site seems to be full of genuine honest people and long may it continue.  


Well said ,Sputnik ,Couldn't have put it better myself!!!Having left Nitshill over forty years ago it has brought back many good memories.I should just like to add my thanks to everyone. Forum Index -> Forum Issues
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