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Unique Wedding Location

Hi Urban Glasgow User,
we are getting married this October in Glasgow (because we love Scotland and my girlfriends family comes from the Glasgow surroundings) and we are looking for an unique wedding location for our evening reception! Nearly everything we found is a Hotel or not in the way we like it! Could you recommend any beautiful spot for about 60 people having dinner (really good food - traditional scottish menu) and party with a band?

Could you please help us?

If not you, the urban Glasgow forum people, who else could help!?

Thanks from Düsseldorf,
Ailie and Thomas

PS: If you need any help for your next Germany stop just ask!

How about Kelvingrove art gallery. They hire out the main hall for functions.

I once went to a reception in the Winter Gardens in the People’s Palace which was very good, not sure if they still rent it out and if they did you would need to arrange catering but worth a thought.
Delmont St Xavier

I would recommend a hotel in Alloway called the Brigadoon - it is ideal.

I got married last year and we had our reception in the glass houses in Queens park.

We had the run of the whole place (appart from the cactus house for safety reasons) which meant we could have a disco room and a quiet room for the oldies to talk.

The slight downside was you will be responsible for all the caterers being arranged as well as arranging the bar and its license.

We had a great night, everybody still talks about the location and there are not many wedding receptions that have a reptile room.


Haven't been to a wedding function on the Glenlee Tall Ship, however I've attended some hospitality events there and it is certainly unique.

Its berthed in Glasgow on the River Clyde adjacent to the Riverside (Transport  and Travel) Museum - The Tall Ship at Riverside
Alex Glass

I was at a wedding a couple of years back on the Renfrew Ferry. Not sure if they do a meal but there were three bands on at the Reception.

I got married last year and we had our reception in the Sligo hotel. They offer various package that include several facilities.

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Hi, I got married at St Andrews in the Square, not to be confused with St Andrew catherdral on the clydeside, and it is  right in the centre of Glasgow at the Gallowgate. Absolutly stunning old 18th Century Church/ Catherdral with a restraurant  cafe source downstairs which can be booked as well, all traditional scottish food.
The food is to die for, we have been back many times since our wedding and we have always came out smiling. We looked at various venues in Glasgow and nothing came close to this for wow factor.
They also do wedding packages etc.
Hope this helps. I have added the website address for this, see below

I kn ow its outside glasgow, but th secret bunker in st. andrews do weddings. getting married in a nuclear bunker is quite unique.

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