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Urbexing In Inverlyde

Hey guys, newbie here, just came across your sight, looking forward to getting into it and exploring your sight, please see link below for some stuff weve done! we hantbeen doin this long and hope to share more findings with you

Welcome along ...

Tune on your video is nippy as fcuk interesting wee site though but dont think video does it justice.

urbex inverclyde

we did a mock up of the video as a kind of tribute to the people of inverclyde, if u click more at the comment field in you will see the link that takes you to another site as youtube blocked it! we agree the video doesnt do it justice i through it together in the space of a few hours and decided to go with just to let people see them!

thanks for the comments bud :))


Interesting! Away for a wee google search...

Wow Amazing.  Very interesting to see the corrigted iron looking in such good nick in such an old structure.

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