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Mahdi West

Vale of Leven

Former Balloch Central Station building

Former Balloch Pier Station

Winch House, Balloch

Former Lennoxbank House Stable Block, Dalvait Road, Balloch
Mahdi West

Jamestown. This line led to the Dalmonach Print Works. This was a branch off of the line that ran from just to the south of the current Balloch station to the east and Stirling

Jamestown Railway Viaduct

Christie Park Lodge, Alexandria

Park Street, Alexandria
Mahdi West

Police Station, Alexandria

Masonic Temple, Alexandria. An interesting looking building tucked away on a side street.

Mahdi West

Masonic Temple, Alexandria

Bridge just beside the station in Alexandria

Former Post Office, Alexandria

Former Public Hall, cinema and laterally bingo hall in Alexandria
Mahdi West

New Road Bridge, Bonhill

The former school for the Dalmonach Works, Bonhill

A side view of the former public hall/cinema/bingo hall in Alexandria

Vale of Leven Constitutional Club & Former Post Office in Alexandria
Mahdi West

Former Post Office, Alexandria

Former Millburn Free Church, Renton

Former Renton Public School, Renton

The former Renton Station building which has been converted into a Robert the Bruce museum

Did you happen to visit rossis chipper when you were in the bottom of bonhill ?
Big mates shop fish is great there.

Dated Sept 1972, I am pretty sure this is of the river Leven at Balloch.

I didn't have a car then, so would have been on a day trip on the blue train!


Where the old trackbed used to be now a park... Could not find the thread about the railway and this was about as close as the search function got me.

Balloch Pier Trackbed by David C Laurie, on Flickr Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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