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Very Smelly Explore!!, East Renfrewshire

This had to be the smelliest place on earth, I got used to it but Stu had his nose turned up all morning.


Great pics.

I love the 4th one........Very atmospheric.


It stank so bad... like something had died

Stuball wrote:
It stank so bad... like something had died

James H

And the control room smelled like raw sewage
Alex Glass

Great photos Allan

Looks interesting
Doog Doog

I'm guessing thats the old tannery at Neilston..


I`m with Stu on this one, it`s an animal feed factory visible from M8 near the airport, I was involved in the demo of Bibby`s at Braehead and it is a stomach turning smell

Mahdi West

Another demolition

Looks like there won't be a problem with the smell for much longer...


That was quick
Mahdi West

Smashing website Stuball. I've learnt a lot on these posts. I've been enjoying all the banter and knowledge for a while but didn't see the point in duplicating anyone's work so I'm glad I could contribute something.
As far as the mill goes I'd been planning a 'visit' myself and was driving along by the back of the airport and noticed that they were getting stuck right in. Not to worry.

Welcome to UG and thanks for contributing some news. Don't worry about duplicating things as sometimes people miss things the first time round.

The rest of my pictures from this place are viewable HERE

Good job you got in there and documented that Stu...
Last minute Urban Explorer . com

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