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Viva las vegas

some pics we took on a recent holiday to vegas....


Love the shot of the Bellagio fountains at night...

thanks cybers........we took more close up......

Alex Glass

Fantastic Fastnet

You are a welcome inclusion to this site and already proving to be a great contributor and an excellent photographer.

Hopefully others who have visited Las Vegas will be encouraged to post up their photos

thanks alex...........i wouldn't say an excelent photographer though....

these are just the best of about 1300.............

and this was taken inside the mirage hotel believe it or not.......

Alex Glass

I wish I could take photos like yours Fastnet.

I am sure your others are just as good as those you have posted.

My photos are not very inspiring but I post them up anyway.

Keep up the good work.

thanks again alex

a few from the top of the tower now.


The dolphin shot is utterly fantastic mate ... any chance of a link to the full size image?

doorstop.............i hope ths works as i have just created an account.

last couple of pics here.......flying over the hoover dam and into the grand canyon.

Alex Glass

Utterly brilliant photos again Fastnet. Some reminded me of the first time I saw a colour Western/Cowboy film on TV.


Was fannying around with an instruction manual tonight for building a lightbox and took this from movie memorabilia i have around the hoose...
Not too sure where i have put the Blackjack Shoe though    

wee minx

I've got a wee lightbox, used to use it for embossing. I had a go at using it for back light..but it looked terrible and yours is great Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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