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War Memorials

Dudes and dudettes of UrbanGlasgow; lend me your ears and your great Glasgow knowledge!!!

Don't know if this is really the place to be asking but I'm doing a history project about how we have memorialised war. Now I'm aware of your big well know memorials - Central Station, George Square, that nice one about the Boer War in Kelvingrove - but do any of you guys know of anymore perhaps smaller ones in your local areas; perhaps buildings or shops, small plaques that may be flying under the radar?Perhaps even roads?  Impart your wisdom. I think this could be a good general topic, too

Yes and HELLOOO ALL!!!

Hello dude man and welcome to the site.

There is a thread about memorials and monuments here but it is mostly monuments to be fair so a war memorial thread might be a good idea given that is 100 years since the start of World War One.

Have you tried churches ?. There are a lot of memorials in them.

Also there is one in Hampden park at the museum entrance.

Ps... Hopefully you can share some of your pics here.

Here is the Hampden one........ Pic is a bit sh!t right enough.  

Hampden memorial. by john.mcknight, on Flickr
Alex Glass

I have photos and locations of most of the war memorials in Glasgow and there are two very good websites which cover the whole of Scotland  for memorials and graves.

As it is the centenary for the start of the war this year the Council was looking at how we commemorate but it has been some time since I was involved and haven't heard of any progress.

There are loads of war memorials which the Council have responsibility for but many more in private hands but never the less on public display if you know where to look.

clydebank not surprisingly has a few. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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