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So anyone else noticed the amount oof tie you get asked if you would like insurance on your recently purchased goods latest seems to be add another year to your 1 year warranty...
I recently bought lots of electricals in the sales to replace stuff that had been for repacing for a while and time and again i got this speech even after pointing out a sticker on a new monitor that said "5yr Man Warranty" the clown at Currys told me they dont honour it ... I would therefore need to purchase theirs...

As one can imagine the wrath and vengeance this spotty oik had to endure after muttering such a tale left him wondering if he had opened pandoras box and caught Anne Robitussin taking it from his Da...

So on my return home i had a look at some of the stuff i have in the house and was amazed at how much of it is now covered with extended Manufacturer warranty as standard.

Most Lg products 3yrs
Most Philips 2 years
Samsung 3yrs
Iliyama 2-5 years dependant

and on and on and on ... if you have a smart phone people use it and check whilst shopping as some of these extended warranties are expensive and they will only be sending it back under its own warranty anyhow.

When someone asks me if I'd like to buy an extended warranty, I usually start by asking them why such a warranty is not provided in the first place.

If their answer is 'It's just an extra bit of product protection' I then ask them why such extra protection might be needed.  This usually muddles them and I walk out of the store and proceed to the nearest opposition.

On arriving there, I tell them that I'm here because their opposition tried to sell me the 'extra product protection' and they don't even bother trying to sell it to me and, what's even better, they eagerly offer me a better price on the product !

Delmont St Xavier

Most 'extended warranties' are worthless in so many ways and the big electrical companies are notorious for trying to sell those products - and like most, I stay well clear.

However, I do tend to use one when buying a laptop or any other notebook as this laptop is the third that has been replaced within 18 months.  I have actually 'won' a watch each time because I received far more in credit than the cost of the machine and the cost of the warranty and the beauty is, once the warranty has paid out - I cancel the direct debit and begin a new one.


Acer laptop (499) 11 months old - died a sudden death.  Sent away for repair, the machine could not be repaired - claim for new laptop inititiated and within 11 days, I had a credit of 899 and had only paid 110 for warranty.  This has happened to me again since, when that replacement gave up the ghost after 9 months - and the company lost my laptop whilst it was in for repair.  Again, I received more than the purchase price and more than the warranty - so for me this was a good value purchase should things go wrong.  It suited me - but might not suit everyone else but it's the only warranty that I ever purchase.

Try Richer Sounds!

Reasonably priced to start with, and if you don't use it, they will refund the money.

Bought a DVD player, went back after 3 years and got my warranty money back.  When we needed a new tv, I got the max warranty possible. If it breaks down it will be repaired, however as tvs are advancing so quickly, I'm likely to get a new one if it expires during the warranty. Otherwise, I'll get my money back!


The original point i was making was the fact that now most manufacturers have enough faith in their own products that they offer their own extended warranties FREE...
Yet still shops try to push their own branded not worth the paper they are written on policies.

A recent failure of an LG monitor meant it was couriered to Greenock and declared dead with the latest monitor returned on a monitor that was 32 months old. no extra warranty from Comet where the purchase was originally made.

All extended warranties that you have to pay for are a con, have a look at the bath tub curve concept which explains failures rates with respect to age for most simple engineered items. This is why manufactures are happy to offer extended warranties for free

If your item makes it past the first year of operation, chances are it will be fine until it fails through old age which by that time it is probably obsolete and needs replaced anyhow.

Top work Cell that covers it to a Tee.

cybers wrote:

Top work Cell that covers it to a Tee.


I actually agree with you.

If a manufacturer is confident enogh about the quality of a product, then they should give a longer warranty as standard.  If they are not, then why the hell are they selling it in the first place?

The ony place I buy a warranty from is Richer sounds.  The are obviously confident about the quality of their goods, or the wouldn't offer the money back.  On the off chance that something goes wrong, the repair or replacement is covered.

Vinny the Mackem

I had a problem with a warranty a few years ago. Sold by Dixons. Bloke who sold it actually told me to drop the item - a video camera - deliberately just before it expired.

Zip forward a while and the camera developed a genuine fault. I'm struggling to remember the precise details of the conversation, but the bottom line was I was so fed up with the attitude of the smug pricks in that shop that I took the matter direct to the underwriters of the policy.

Sorted very quickly with certain arses felt after full conversations narrated in my letter.

Cue me looking awfully smug a few weeks after returning to the shop and dealing with the erstwhile smug twats and getting, bizarrely, a sudden rush of excellent customer service. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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