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We have to tackle slum landlords before it is too late

We have to tackle slum landlords before it is too late

THE WAR against slum landlords in Glasgow who let vulnerable families live in
squalor is to be stepped up.

The pledge by city council bosses comes after the Evening Times revealed
yesterday how a cockroach-infested flat in Govanhill - where 11 Slovakian
Roma were living - had to be shut down because it was in such a disgusting state.

The top-floor property, one of around 60 owned by Mohammed Aslam, had
no heating or hot water, was damp and had a toilet next to the cooker. The
council put a closure order on the property.

Today deputy council leader Jim Coleman said he believed hundreds of
people could be living in similar horrendous conditions.

And he warned it was only a matter of time before a disaster happened.

Mr Coleman has called a series of top-level meetings in the city council
and is to press the Scottish Government for a change in the law.

Because the seven children and four adults living in the flat in Allison
Street were all from the same family, Mr Aslam did not have to register
the property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

That requires landlords to follow a set of stringent rules to ensure the
house or flat is in good condition.

But people from the same family can live in a property without the landlord
having to apply for an HMO licence - and the council has limited power to

James H
xxx zos xxx

I seen an article about this in the ET yesterday,  the place looked like a squat

This place is minging... so I’ll take my fight to court

A MOTHER of two has told landlord Mohammed Aslam I'll see you in court' - after
he refused to repair dangerous wiring and plumbing at her damp house.

Yvonne Harvey, 42, said she contacted Mr Aslam in September, asking him
to repair a dilapidated immersion heater that is the only source of hot water
in her home.

She has started to withhold her half of the £650 a month rent she pays Mr
Aslam in protest at the state of the detached house in Shawlands.

And when he tried to evict her and eight-year-old son Jack with just five
days' notice, she decided to take him on.

Ms Harvey, who has the other half of her rent paid through benefits said:
"The place was minging when we moved in four years ago and I had to
decorate and put a new floor in the kitchen.

"But there's bad damp because of leaks, the central heating doesn't work
and there's bare wires in the water heater.

"It's up to him to fix them and he won't do it."

Yvonne spoke out after the Evening Times revealed disgusting conditions
in another of Mr Aslam's flats which was forcibly shut by Glasgow City Council.

The landlord has been criticised for renting out slum properties to families,
including a number of flats let to Roma families in Govanhill.

HMO legislation currently does not protect tenants when everyone in the
property comes from the same family - and calls are now growing to close
the loophole.

James H

Maybe I own 60 flats, maybe two . . . it's nobody's business

CONTROVERSIAL landlord Mohammed Aslam today promised all his Glasgow
tenants he would repair their homes - once his army of part-time tradesmen
got time off their day jobs.

The landlord, who was forced to shut down a cockroach-infested flat he
rented out in Govanhill, today admitted he couldn't cope with the demands
of running all the properties he owns.

In an interview with the Evening Times, the secretive property owner
claimed: l His life was in danger after we exposed conditions at a number
of his properties this week l Tenants were to blame for all of the problems l
He would sue the council, which forced the closure of the flat in Govanhill,
over treatment he said was unfair Mr Aslam spoke out after we contacted
him about dangerous conditions at a house he rents to mum Yvonne
Harvey in Shawlands.

Her story emerged following the closure of the Govanhill flat, which had
been home to a Slovakian Roma family of 11.

Hitting back at the coverage, Mr Aslam accused Evening Times reporters of
being evil, devious "lowlifes" and even said the paper, as part of the
media, was to blame for the death of Princess Diana.

Mr Aslam warned: "You think you are very smart. I am going to come up
and see you one of these days.

"I am not a violent person but you have violated my statutory rights."

Asked if he was threatening violence, he replied: "Oh no. I am a businessman,
not an evil person like you."

He insisted that residents of the Govanhill flat closed by the city council
had thrown rubbish from windows and damaged his flat themselves.

The landlord claimed he suffered racial discrimination from the council
after it shut down the Allison Street flat, which had no central heating or
hot water.

He said he had traced the family and accused them of destroying antique
fixtures in the property.

Mr Aslam said: "I told them to write down what the council did when they
came and took photos.

"If I find the council negligent in any way I am going to ask my lawyer to
file a lawsuit.

"I think Glasgow council needs a wake-up call."

He later insisted: "The council did me a very big favour putting these
people out.

"Now I'm going to ask the council to put every one of these Slovakian
people out. It's not racial - they do too much damage.

"I'd rather have an alcoholic or a guy who abuses drugs because at least
when he's sober he'll clean up."

After our stories this week, he claimed: "You put my life in danger. People
called me and they threatened me."

He said he was racially abused by a Glaswegian boy demanding to know
how he had come to own so many houses.

Yesterday we revealed conditions at a house he rents to bar worker
Yvonne Harvey and son Jack, who has asthma.

Ms Harvey has been withholding part of the rent on the flat after Mr Aslam
refused to repair dangerous electrical equipment and fix water damage
and damp that has led to mushrooms growing in one cupboard.

She will face her landlord in court later this month but Mr Aslam said: "I'm
going to put her out, no matter what.

"I'm selling my house and moving in there myself."

James H

One in four landlords fail to join national scheme

ONE in four Scots landlords have failed to sign up for a national registration

The scheme set up to give better protection to private tenants has been
"far too slow" in getting off the ground.

And despite a rise of more than 50% signing up in the past two years,
housing charities say more needs to be done.

The latest blow comes just weeks after the Evening Times revealed how
private landlords were renting flats out to families in appalling conditions.
In one case a flat owned by Mohammed Aslam in Allison Street in
Govanhill was forcibly shut down by the council. The cockroach-infested
flat was home to a Slovakian Roma family of 11.

ohn Blackwood, director of the Scottish Association of Landlords, said:
"Reputable landlords want to see landlord registration take the appropriate
action against rogue landlords and welcome a landlord accreditation as a
positive step towards engaging with landlords and letting agents in
promoting best landlord practice in Scotland."

Archie Stoddart, director of Shelter Scotland, said: "We fully supported
landlord registration as a way to raise standards in the private rented
sector and remove rogue landlords.

"Progress was far too slow to start with but it is encouraging that 75% of
landlords are now registered. We hope it that it will not be long until that
figure is 100%."

Latest figures show the number of property owners now recognised by
Scotland's Landlord Registration Scheme has risen from 15% to 75% and
applications have risen from 13,500 to around 86,000 in the last year.

The scheme was designed to ensure all private landlords meet minimum
legal requirements.

Communities and Sport Minister Stewart Maxwell revealed the figures as
he launched Landlord Accreditation Scotland, a voluntary add-on scheme
which will raise standards further for landlords.

Similar to a Kite Mark, it goes beyond the minimum requirements of
Landlord Registration Scheme by encouraging private landlords to win
accreditation for managing their properties to certain standards.

Members will also need to attend at least one training course each year to
ensure there is continuous improvement in their practices.

And tenants looking for a property can learn which landlords are meeting
the highest standards.

James H

Time to get tough (Evening Times)

GLASGOW housing bosses say rogue landlords should be jailed if they flout
new laws aimed at tackling the city's slums.

City council officials asked Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell to support
a list of new strategies when he visited Govanhill in the South Side and saw
overcrowded and cockroach-infested flats.

The officials said more legal powers, backed by more cash, were desperately

In a briefing paper to the minister, David Webster, the council's director
of housing strategy, highlighted areas where the law was too weak.

He warned: "Under the legislation, as it currently stands, failure of a
private landlord to comply with registration requirements will at no stage
involve the ultimate sanction of prison.

"Given the large cash flows and high assets of many landlords involved in
Govanhill this may make enforcement very difficult."

Mr Maxwell was given a guided tour of the area yesterday by local
councillor Anne Marie Millar.

He said he was shocked by the appalling condition of the flats some
families call home.

In one flat he visited, a baby slept in a pram while cockroaches swarmed
over a wall just inches away.

At least three adults and eight children live in the flat, crammed into just
two bedrooms.

A colony of cockroaches had taken over a wardrobe and the living room
was open to the elements, with a couple of thin wooden boards on the
window failing to seal the gaps left by missing panes of glass.

James H

He said he had traced the family and accused them of destroying antique fixtures in the property.

Aye, like the fekkin' furniture. This story is a total shocker.

The area’s so bad it’s called Ground Zero but the kids are more like
Ground Force! (Evening Times)

The area's so bad it's called Ground Zero but the kids are more like Ground

It is easy to see why a stretch of Govanhill in the South Side of Glasgow
has been nicknamed "Ground Zero".

The block in Westmoreland Street typifies the area's problems: neglected
slum housing; exploitative landlords and friction with a group of new

The latest arrivals are from Eastern Europe.

Most don't speak English and some don't read or write in any language.

Older residents claim the families' children gathered in the streets or
playing in the squalid back "greens" are responsible for much of the
vandalism that blights the area. And no doubt some are.

But when the kids from Ground Zero got the chance to turn into Ground
Force, they set about cleaning up the neighbourhood in no time.

This week's operation, part of the Clean Glasgow campaign backed by the
Evening Times, is the latest in a constant cycle of small interventions
across the city responding to complaints from residents and reports from
council officials.

Four closes in the street were targeted by a team comprising social work
and land services staff, with the help of people sentenced to community

James H

Promise to end misery of slums (Evening Times)

GLASGOW today launched an action plan to take slum flats from rogue
landlords and make them fit to live in.

City council leader Steven Purcell pledged £2million to kickstart the

And he set up a task force - led by environmental services director Robert
Booth - to establish what the council must do to improve appalling
housing conditions endured by hundreds of families in Govanhill.

The announcement came after Mr Purcell saw the conditions for himself.

He visited a two-bedroom flat lived in by an extended family of 20. Their
home, which costs £400 a month, is infested with cockroaches, has no
access to hot running water and has a dilapidated gas heater surrounded
by electric fires.

The task force will come up with a detailed plan to tackle such problems
by next April.

But before then, work has already begun to force landlords to repair their
properties or risk losing them to the local housing association.

Officials have started the lengthy legal process to force owners of the
worst flats in the area to sell up and politicians are calling on the Scottish
Government to speed the arrival of new powers to further tackle rogue

James H

Whilst in theory it is a great idea... It will never happen.
I know why they want to do it but have they considered the outcry.
They will be tied up in litigation for years trying to remove these properties from the slum lords.
Then god forbid the landlord is not of Caucasian ethnicity the race relations board get involved. More problems not to mention the obvious
one of yet again the government introducing a nanny state where we cant
be trusted.

Unfortunatley there are those that are in the property business as a way to make
a quick buck but they are unwilling to outlay cash to bring housing up to
an acceptable standard for living in.

Doubt anything I say ?

Read Above Mr Aslam has instigated most of these already.

New powers to crack down on slum landlords (Evening Times)

COUNCILS will get new powers to tackle slum landlords early next year
after ministers were moved by the desperate state of homes in Glasgow's
South Side.

Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell has decided to reinforce the abilities
of councils - including Glasgow - to take over slum properties run by rogue
landlords, allowing the regeneration of communities such as Govanhill.

Campaigners, including Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell,
welcomed the news.

It comes after the Evening Times exposed the appalling conditions of
properties in Govanhill and backed calls for new laws to rid the city of its

Mr Purcell, who visited the area last week, had warned delays in
introducing the new powers were allowing houses to deteriorate further.

Last month Mr Maxwell saw some of the horrific conditions faced by
families in tenement flats when he visited the area.

James H

Scottish Government's announcement on this is at:

But it's worth noting that the Scottish Government's current consultation paper on homelessness is at the same time calling for private landlords to play a much larger role.

Meantime, I have 'become aware' of an ongoing investigation in Glasgow into one of the larger private landlord companies. I've been asked not to disclose any names or details as this could affect the investigation; but I am able to say that this company focuses almost entirely on asylum seekers and migrant workers.

Seems to be some big contradictions between proposed policy and actual real-life experience going on here?

Banned . . . Slum landlord put out of business (Evening Times)

A SLUM landlord exposed by the Evening Times has become one of the first
people in Scotland to be banned from renting out property.

Mohammed Aslam was the subject of a string of complaints over dozens of
rundown properties he rented, many in the Govanhill area in the South Side
of Glasgow.

And today locals were celebrating as the man with the reputation for being
among the worst owners in the area was told he was out of business.

Glasgow City Council is among the first to fully exploit powers under
anti-social behaviour legislation, barring an applicant from the Private
Landlords' Register.

Anyone who is not registered cannot legally operate as a commercial

And that means, barring any appeal against the decision, Mr Aslam is no
longer able to rent out his dozens of properties for profit.

He now faces the choice of selling up or sitting on a property portfolio that
can't offer him an income.

The city council's homeless unit is prepared to support any family who
has difficulty finding another home. Many are large Roma families.

James H

Do gangmasters still operate on the streets of Govanhill? (Evening Times)

RESIDENTS in Govanhill want the Government to investigate after the Evening
Times exposed how immigrants are being exploited by gangmasters.

The gangmasters are linked to slum landlords and organised crime, it was
claimed today. Local people are also concerned about race relations because
of the large migrant population in the area.

A petition seeking urgent help has been submitted to the Scottish Parliament
and will be discussed by MSPs next month.

A source at HM Revenue and Customs told the Evening Times: "We can
confirm there are continuing investigations into gangmasters operating in
Glasgow." A university study also backed that up and another report said
the ringleaders were armed.

A separate source said: "You would have to be blind not to see migrants
regularly being picked up by them in vans at street corners"

However, police told the Evening Times they had "no intelligence" about

City warned over slum landlords

MIKE DAILLY, of Govan Law Centre, is warning the type of slum landlord
operating in Govanhill could soon be active in other parts of the city.

He said they target vacant properties in areas going into decline and buy
them up.

"These unscrupulous figures are making millions out of exploiting vulnerable
people," he said.

"Unless strategic action is taken, they will create all sorts of problems.

"These people are not just preying on migrant workers, they're
destroying our communities."

Mr Dailly said a possible solution was for the city council, working with
housing associations, to buy vacant properties and take them into social

"They can then be sold through the Government's shared equity scheme
to first-time buyers," he said.

Govanhill Housing Association say additional funding is necessary to
tackle the scale of the private housing stock problem "which is directly
responsible for public health and safety hazards, overcrowding and
worrying social and racial tensions".

Mr Dailly also suggested setting up an employment agency to help put
illegal gangmasters out of business.

"A not-for-profit agency would undercut others in that line of business and
put cash in the workers' pockets.

"We need the Government to acknowledge the problems we have in
Govanhill because there's no other place in Scotland which has them."


First to face letting ban

SLUM landlord Mohammed Aslam became one of the first people in
Scotland banned from renting out property after he was exposed by the
Evening Times.

There were a string of complaints about dozens of rundown properties he
rented, many of them in Govanhill.

One of the worst cases was a flat in Allison Street. The property, which
housed four adults and seven children, was infested with cockroaches and
there was a cooker next to the toilet.

Floors were riddled with holes and electrical junction boxes with exposed
wires dangled from the walls.

As well as the closure of the Allison Street slum, the dossier against Aslam
included two improvement notices and two prohibition orders served on
gas appliances in his flats, council tax debts, believed to run to tens of
thousands of pounds, and a criminal record.

James H

‘Govanhill’s a breeding ground for exploitation, crime, poor health ... and cockroaches’ (Evening Times)

SLUM housing in Govanhill has led to the area becoming a "breeding ground"
for crime, exploitation, poor health and education and cockroaches.

The shocking claim was made today as the local housing association
pleaded for Government help.

MSPs were told 750 houses in the area are "below tolerable standard".

A study commissioned by the association discovered 131 flats in the area
bounded by Westmoreland Street, Dixon Avenue, Langside Road and Allison
Street - dubbed Ground Zero' by residents - needed comprehensive

Tenants in one tenement in Langside Road had to be evacuated from their
flats last week after parts of the ground floor started to collapse into the

The association, which was today giving its evidence to Holyrood's Public
Petitions Committee, claims many of the substandard properties are
owned by slum landlords.

Its report warns of an "underlying problem of severe overcrowding".

"It is this problem which creates the severe dangers to public health, fire
risks, anti-social behaviour and race relations conflicts," it says.

The association also warned MSPs that it is worried about exploitation by
rogue landlords linked to gangmasters.

As already reported in the Evening Times, HM Revenue and Customs
confirmed there are continuing investigations into gangmasters operating
in the city.

Mainly affected are around 2000 EU migrants, mostly Roma, from Eastern
Europe, and the association says there's a lack of Government support
for them.

James H

From that photograph of the back courts...
Am i wrong in suggesting or thinking this is a council cleansing dept problem or whatever it is they are calling themselves these days...
Enviromental landscape services ?

Surely they still employ backcourt men.
Someone needs their erse booted. Whilst the residents are obviously the manky mob who need re-educated in their habits.

I was also wondering WTF happened to the bins...
wee minx

I was there about three weeks ago taking photos....I used to live round that way in a bedsit, the place is a tip now..I was gob smacked. I took lots of photos..but decided not to post them...all a bit too political there just now...and BTW..what a culture shock
I was stopped 4 times and asked what I was doing.   ...I wouldn't recommend it to any one...not quite the same as wandering around Glasgow city centre.

I too had a bedsit round there many moons ago when i was but a poor student in Daisy Street (I Took Pelters for that)

I have to work round there frequently and its amazing the transformation in the place...

Govanhill flats 'are not fit for a dog' (Evening Times)

GOVANHILL is being turned into a ghetto with conditions in some flats "not fit
for a dog", MSPs were told.

The claims by the local housing association, shocked the Holyrood Petitions

Association director Anne Lear told them: "We now have mass overcrowding
in the tenements and poverty we have not seen since the 1960s in the
Gorbals - and I am not exaggerating."

She said the local population had soared from 10,000 to as many as
16,000 people over the last three years because of immigration, mainly
of Slovakian Roma people.

The result, she said, was the creation of a ghetto in an area that already

● The highest drug overdose presentation to local hospitals in south east
● The highest level of wife-battering and the second highest number of
alcoholics in the south east area.
● The highest level of serious crime in the city.

Ms Lear said the addition of at least another 4000 migrants who had "their
own issues in terms of not being employable, not understanding their
rights, living in overcrowded conditions and being used by unscrupulous
landlords and gangmasters" caused problems for the entire community.

James H

Landlord's slum flats seized (Evening Times)

SLUM landlord Mohammed Aslam has had assets seized over a six-figure bill
from the council.

Earlier this year, the Evening Times exposed disgraceful conditions at
flats rented out by the businessman who owns dozens of properties in
Govanhill and across the city.

Now all of his flats have been sequestrated after Glasgow City Council
successfully sued him for council tax and other arrears totalling more
than £116,000.

He could even lose his own luxury home if he fails to pay.

Mr Aslam defended the action at Glasgow Sheriff Court saying he was not
liable for council tax payments.

But he also faced major bills for his share of emergency repair work at a
number of closes where he operated flats.

He owed business rates of more than £16,000 on properties including
office space, and a sheriff ruled he was in fact liable for the unpaid council

Mr Aslam's entire estate has been placed in trust under the control of
sequestrators Tenon Scotland, of Blythswood Square.

James H

Purely personal feelings, but it's the only area of the city where I feel uneasy walking about in broad daylight    (at night I would be long gone)

Hope the courts and the cooncil pump him and then just for sheer badness make him live in his own rat infested hovels...
Cue Mr Pesci.... Pretty sure he did a movie like that lol...

Slum landlord launches appeal (Evening Times)

GLASGOW slum boss Mohammed Aslam has launched an appeal after being
banned as a landlord.

The Evening Times revealed in November he had been sequestrated over
massive council tax debts owed to the city. That meant his estate - understood
to be more than 39 properties he rented out to families - was put into the
hands of accountants.

It followed a decision by Glasgow City Council to reject his application to
be a legitimate landlord after officials were forced to shut a home he rented
to a large family because of health and safety fears.

Now it has emerged tenants are still being charged to live in homes that
were controlled by Mr Aslam after he decided to use a legal loophole to
go on trading.

He has lodged an appeal through the courts against the council's decision
to throw out his application to be a legitimate landlord. Until a court ruling
is made he is able to rent out his flats.

A home the council forced him to shut because of disgusting and dangerous
conditions is again being rented to a young family after emergency repairs.

James H

Slum landlord loses appeal to rent flats (Evening Times)

GLASGOW slum landlord Mohammed Aslam has lost his bid to continue
renting flats.

The Evening Times revealed last April how a property owned by him in
Allison Street, Govanhill, had been forcibly shut.

Four adults and seven children, who were Slovakian Roma, were living in
the top floor flat, which was riddled with cockroaches.

A toilet had been set up next to a cooker, there was no heating or hot
water, the flat was damp, sinks were not connected and the electrics were

It was the first time in 20 years Glasgow City Council had stepped in and
imposed a closure order on a private property.

An investigation found Mr Aslam, who is understood to rent more than 39
properties to families, had not registered to operate as a landlord.

In September he was banned from the Register of Private Landlords when
the council used anti-social behaviour legislation against him.

His appeal to register was thrown out and in November the council successfully
ordered the seizure of his estate over council tax debts totalling £116,000.

As he is bankrupt, his estate was put into the hands of accountants.

Mr Aslam appealed through the courts against the decision to ban him
from being a legitimate landlord.

Now, Sheriff Anthony Deutsch has thrown out the appeal because all the
properties Mr Aslam previously owned are in the hands of the trustees of
his estate.

It means the council's refusal to let Mr Aslam join the Register of Private
Landlords will stand.

The question of whether he is a fit and proper person to be a landlord was
not considered by the court.

Mr Aslam has 21 days to appeal the decision but can do so only on a point
of law.

James H

City’s slum timebomb (Evening Times)

Private rented slums are so out of control in an area of Glasgow that urgent
government intervention is needed, according to a city housing association.

Govanhill Housing Association has asked the Scottish Parliament to set up an
inquiry into slum landlords and inject cash to defuse a social and environmental
time bomb.

MSPs are today being told how landlords are failing to maintain their properties,
leaving p­eople living in dangerous and intolerable conditions which are hampering
neighbourhood improvement.

Officials have outlined details of rat infestation, mounting rubbish, substandard
accommodation and structurally dangerous buildings.

The situation is so severe and widespread that council resources are thought
inadequate to make any real difference. Help is now being sought from Holyrood
to prevent the area deteriorating further into a major health and safety hazard

In a report to the Scottish Parliament petitions committee, the housing association
    ● The proliferation of private landlords in Govanhill is a key factor in the spiral
    of social decline and physical deterioration.
    ● Additional resources are needed immediately in relation to pest/infestation
    treatment, as the volume and level of rat, cockroach and bedbug infestation
    is out of control.
    ● The Landlord Registration Scheme is not robust enough to stop rogue landlords
    letting out sub-standard accommodation at market rents to vulnerable tenants.

In recent years the population in Govanhill has rocketed by more than 50%,
to about 16,000, with the area now home to thousands of Slovakian Roma people,
many in large family groups, putting extra pressure on the housing supply.

The Evening Times has highlighted the living conditions in Govanhill and reported
action taken against slum landlords. Last year Mohammed Aslam was banned
from renting out his estimated 39 properties after he failed to register and ran
up council tax debts of more than £100,000.

One of his properties, a cockroach-infested flat in Allison Street, was closed
down after it was found to be housing four adults and seven children with no
hot water.

Glasgow City Council has already identified properties for urgent work with
some currently under way, but admits future work will be curtailed by a budget

Five addresses in Allison Street, Westmoreland Street and Langside Road are
subject to ongoing major repair projects.


James H

Re: We have to tackle slum landlords before it is too late

james73 wrote:
We have to tackle slum landlords before it is too late

THE WAR against slum landlords in Glasgow who let vulnerable families live in
squalor is to be stepped up.

The pledge by city council bosses comes after the Evening Times revealed
yesterday how a cockroach-infested flat in Govanhill - where 11 Slovakian
Roma were living - had to be shut down because it was in such a disgusting state.

The top-floor property, one of around 60 owned by Mohammed Aslam, had
no heating or hot water, was damp and had a toilet next to the cooker. The
council put a closure order on the property.

Today deputy council leader Jim Coleman said he believed hundreds of
people could be living in similar horrendous conditions.

And he warned it was only a matter of time before a disaster happened.

Mr Coleman has called a series of top-level meetings in the city council
and is to press the Scottish Government for a change in the law.

Because the seven children and four adults living in the flat in Allison
Street were all from the same family, Mr Aslam did not have to register
the property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

That requires landlords to follow a set of stringent rules to ensure the
house or flat is in good condition.

But people from the same family can live in a property without the landlord
having to apply for an HMO licence - and the council has limited power to

James H

Prove none of the damage was yours, take back your deposit and find a better landlord........................

Slum landlord blocked from renting flats (© Evening Times)

One of Glasgow's most notorious slum landlords has been blocked from renting
out properties.

Mohammed Nawaz, who owns a host of flats in Govanhill, is now banned from
acting as a private landlord and letting agent. He was found to own eight flats
in the South Side community as well as acting as a letting agent for 18 properties
through his business Dixon Properties, on Cathcart Road.

A council source said Mr Nawaz, who rents out properties in Westmoreland, Daisy
and Govanhill Streets, among others, is one of Glasgow's worst slum landlords.
Glasgow City Council moved to stop Mr Nawaz entering his name on the Private
Landlord's Register after it found him in breach of more than half a dozen rules.

Investigators found Mr Nawaz:
  • failed to apply to register as a landlord until repeatedly asked to do so
  • failed to declare all the properties that he owned and let
  • failed to provide information that would allow an accurate disclosure check
    against an alternative identity
  • failed to provide evidence of appropriate housing insurance
  • failed to provide evidence of compliance with gas safety standards
  • failed to observe tenants' rights to complain to the Private Rented Housing
  • owes the council in excess of £18,00

Mr Nawaz was also held to be responsible for the poor management of two
properties that were found to be below standard while acting as a letting agent.
He also acted as letting agent for a property that was the subject of a Repairing
Standard Enforcement Order.

The refusal to enter Mr Nawaz's name into register of private landlords authorises
the council to serve rent penalty notices against him if he does not cease to be a
landlord. This means Mr Nawaz would be unable to claim rent against the eight
properties he owns in Govanhill.

And all 16 owners of the 18 properties for which he acts as a letting agent will be
asked to sack him, or face having their own applications for landlord registration

Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "It has been
shown on a number of counts that Mr Nawaz is not a fit to be a landlord."

Landlords who have been refused registration have the right to appeal to the Sheriff
Court within 21 days of the initial decision.

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