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rotten milk

West Wemyss station (urbex in the countryside!)

me and my girlfriend like nothing better than longs walks with my 2 yorkies, so we ventured into a bit of the wemyss estate which i knew used to contain west wemyss station (closed 7/11/1949), on the line from thornton to buckhaven/methil. although now hidden in amongst the trees, using the excellent old-maps site and modern OS maps, i was able to see where exactly the station was sited. (as is often the case, the station was nowhere near west wemyss, or even coaltown of wemyss)

link to google map:

to see the layout of the station, go to co-ords 331304,696728 - 1943 1:2500 map

walked up the main road track northwards (apparently used by mary queen of scots en route from wemyss to falkland!) but couldn't really make anything out, was only when we came back towards the car, i noticed something in amongst the trees. the derelict station house (!) you notice first, then the general cutting that housed the track. on the north side, the loading bank is still there along with the remains of a wooden lineside hut/cabinet. the general form of the approach road from the track can be made out, although there is no trace of the (south) platform buildings. i knew there was a signal box somewhere between the south platform and the standing stane road, but was aware it had been closed in 1927 - however, the recess it occupied is still there!

have been fascinated by the closed railways of east fife and have always wanted to see if there was anything remaining - while initially disappointed, this one turned up trumps! the only photo i've seen of the station is on p.27 of 'the methil branch line railway' (KoFRPS, 1996, ISBN 0952853507), all these derelict features are visible.

station house, looking west

north side of station house, notice the telegraph/phone insulators

interior, looking north

interior, looking south

'north' platform, which looks to be a higher loading bank

another view of the loading bank, looking west

remains of wooden lineside hut, at east end of loading bank (marked on OS maps)

signalbox 'recess' looking east

station approach, looking south from platform (station house off to right)

station approach, looking north (station house off to left). 'south' platform buildings would've been straight ahead

it's strange in a way, but there's more evidence in existence here than there is of other fife stations which didn't close till the late '60s!

Nice find....
Doog Doog

Nice one.
I was once told that when a Fife line closed,farmers were quick to reclaim the trackbed on their land.
I've got pics of Fife taken on a this space.....
Mahdi West

Terrific set, Rotten Milk.   I always enjoy seeing the remains of closed railway lines and this looked like a fulfilling day for you. Do you have any more up your sleeve?
rotten milk

thanks for the thanks folks

mahdi, the only other pics i have at the mo' are from largo station, lower largo. a car park on the site of the former station has been the start point for a few walks, inc. along the trackbed of the east of fife railway and to the top of largo law!
the viaduct at largo is still there, the stone wall which was at the back of the 'southbound' platform and a small brick 'wall' which used to be on the platform next to the signal box.
the trackbed is now a coastal path leading to (eventually) kilconquhar, remains of the station/platforms may still exist there. ferry road from earlsferry goes over a still existant hump-backed bridge which the railway passed under.
there's a few few more of these in isolation on the way to st. monans and going into elie, there's still a definite 'hump' on the main road.

elsewhere, cameron bridge is a well-known 'survivor', i'm going to check if anything's left at kennoway and as for elsewhere, i must get round to it!

google-maps and are my close friends these days just to find out where everything was, to compare with what's left! Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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