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What was on this land (Gallowgate) please?

I was out for a cycle and passed the big area of wasteground between the Bellgrove Hotel and Whitevale street on Sunday.

Looking online I saw there was originally tennements on this land but was there housing between the tennements and the wasteground or were the tennements the most recent buildings taken away?


There was another two rows of the white houses in the background all the way to the corner of Whitevale Street Dave, They then carried on up almost to the bridge. For some obscure reason it was always known locally as "The White Scheme"

Cheers. I am trying to work out where this may be and the Bluevale and whitevale towers made sense and Im thinking the chimneys are the baths but dont have much else to go on.


Scott Bros Garage is still on Crownpoint Road at St Marnock Street Though when this was taken was long before the Crownpoint Sports Centre existed. I would hazard a guess as somewhere around Soho Street as this lay as a empty plot for years save for a few industrial units. I will ask my uncle who had a friend who worked for Scott's if it had moved and where from.

I asked at Scott Bros when I was passing and was told they moved from the other side of The Gallowgate and with the Whitevale bath chimneys I am fairly sure Im in the right place but there is nothing left to confirm.

All the pictures of the Bellgrove Hotel show only the Hotel building or tennements to the right so the more modern flats were making me think it might not be here. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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