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Any ideas?





 No 2 looks like the photo in this link

Dalmuir West Terminus

Photograph 1 is the main gate to John Brown's Shipyard, Photograph 3 is along Glasgow Road in Clydebank somewhere, just cant pinpoint the exact church,
peter kemp

Think its big RC chapel on Glasgow road.

first one  is john browns.second one is dalmuir west terminus third one is passing the union church heading towards dalmuir.the church no longer stands and was a frozen food factory before its demise.the church peter kemp was thinking of our holy redeemer which lies further east .
peter kemp

Was that the one known as Standalane Church??

never heard it called that myself but it could certainly have been described as a standalane building stood about 100 yards from the dalmuir plots.
peter kemp

When built there was practically no other buildings nearby. Hence the name. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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