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Wm Beardmore

I have been doing some recent research on Beardmores, particularly his aviation branch. They started building aircraft before WW1 and continued right through till the mid 30's. Because of the connection with ship building for the Royal Navy, the bulk of his planes were for the navy and they even built the Worlds first flat top aircraft carrier at Dalmuir, HMS Argus. They had an airstrip next to the shipyard at Dalmuir which is long gone and most of the planes were built there. One thing which as too big for Dalmuir was the R 34 airship which was the first airship to fly the Atlantic to New York in 1919. They moved their airship production across the Clyde to Inchinnan to a site which later became the site for India Tyres. The R34 was the length of two football pitches, pretty big!
Beardmore employed around 40,000 people also had the steel works at Parkhead which is now the Forge shopping centre, built locomotives, cars and lorries, bridges and cranes, and even sponsored Ernest Shackleton for his 1908 Antartic expedition which is why the massive glacier in Antartica is named after him, The Beardmore Glacier.  Apart from a few streets, the Beardmore Hotel and a glacier thousands of miles away not many people have any idea of how important Beardmores was to Glasgow and Scotland

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even bankie weans were taught hee haw about beardmore at school.john browns,singer,and the clydebank blitz was all we got.i learned about wm beardmore from the local library[plenty in there)and in the park bar situated at the beardmore building in dalmuir.seemed the education authorities deemed it more important that we learned about the tudors and the stuarts.

Do any photographs exist of these airships in flight over Glasgow. I can't recall ever seeing one either in an archive or held privately. Suppose cameras were out of reach of the masses at the time. However my Grandmother remembers them being a regular sight in the 1930's.  Get digging in the attic people. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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