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World of Wings, Cumbernauld

Despite living 10minutes from this place I'd never been until today!
We missed the first bird flight, we saw the bald eagle fly but he didn't fly for very long.
Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area, they ahve the biggest collection of birds of prey in Scotland. Hopefully get back soon when the weather isn't *quite* as bad for some more pics! Fortunately we left just before the snow starting falling really heavily.


Some of the pics from today:
Alaska the Bald Eagle after his short flight

Some sort of Owl

Lanner Falcon

Bateleur Eagle

Tawny Eagle

And finally... Bob the Little Owl. Bob wasn't very well looked after before he went to the centre and so is very nervous of people and spends much of time hiding.... I have never thought of birds as having particularly expressionful faces... but I have never seen ALARM expressed quite so well in any face ever before! Poor little Bob, I really did LOL when I saw him...

Caught in the open looking even more alarmed than before..
wee minx

Oh...superb iii.  I just love those birds of prey.  I know there is a centre just outside Balloch, and I keep meaning to go, they do all sorts of packages from just looking at the birds to full days being taught to handle them and fly them.
I'll have a look at the Cumbernauld one too now...cheers Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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