For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
Scenes from the Cutting-room Floor, or, Scraping the Barrel.

So, I've put together a couple of hundred shots which for one reason or another didn't make it into any of the threads so far. Some have only recently come to light; many had been rejected on grounds of gross technical deficiency or lack of historical interest (not that I'd ever set the bar very high on these counts), others because they were near-duplicates of shots that did make it. Don't expect to find any gems. The standard in general is pretty low, and I apologise in advance for any time you may come to feel you have wasted on them. Just blame Norrie – he tells me that any old photo of Glasgow is worth looking at.

Altogether there's quite a bit more material than I had envisaged, and rather than chucking it all into a ragbag,  much of it of minimal interest to most, I've arranged it for convenience into sets, with a separate page for each :-

1    the River
2    the City
3    (sub-set St Vincent St. Church)
4    the Cathedral and environs
5    Townhead  
6    East
7    West
8    Govan
9    Southside
10  Queen's Park
11  other parks
12  odd & ends
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
The River

I think the tenements on the right are part of St Vincent Crescent, so these dockside cranes would have been at the Queen's Dock. The name on the ship is Panamante. Taken on a sail down the river in the early 60s.

Atrocious image quality which I hesitate to include even here. I'm fairly certain that it's the King George V Dock. Same trip.
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
Was this where the Govan Ferry crossed to? Fairfield's on the left and part of the Meadowside Granary on the right. This focussing on the foreground to the detriment of the wider view wasn't me trying to be arty, one of the lenses of my cheap Russian 35mm had taken a knock and (unknown to me till the film was developed) wasn't focussing properly. There's more evidence of this later on. June 1975
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
Finnieston Ferry, south to north. Part of the negative is missing. June 1975
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
The Harbour Tunnel, approaching the north rotunda I think. Don't know why this didn't make the cut, it's better than most, must have overlooked it. August 1975
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
The Waverley laid up for the winter at Finnieston Quay. December 1975
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
Looking downriver from, I think, Springfield Quay.  August 1985
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
The MV Solo was Greenpeace's biggest ship. 1990ish
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
The Ems Ore and the Victore at G T Quay. An almost identical shot to one in the River thread, but without the Waverley.  September 1976
Glasgow in the 1970s – a supplement
A dreary shot from below the Albert Bridge. March 1973

Eastern boathouse. c1985

Rowing off into the sunset. c1985

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