For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Not really sure if this is the right place to be posting this but I'm just gonna run with it.

I was recently down on the Clyde at the Rotundas and was taking some photos and generally having a bit of a nosey: I have a bit of a thing for semi abandoned stuff particularily subteranian. I really like the buildings and did a bit of research when I got home however I'm struggling to find out the architect for the tunnel project. Can anyone enlighten me??

Mods please move as required.

Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Opened in 1895, Glasgow Harbour Tunnel ran under the Clyde from Tunnel
Street Finnieston on the North to Plantation Place on the South and consisted
of a passenger tunnel and two vehicular tunnels accessed by hydraulic
hosts, onto which horses and carts descended for the journey under the
Clyde. In 1926, the tunnels and their red brick rotundas were taken over by
Glasgow Corporation who closed the vehicular tunnels in 1943, the
pedestrian tunnel remaining open for another 37 years.

A lone walk through the Harbour Tunnel was not for the faint hearted, a 3ft
water main ran along one side with various indeterminate noises nearby and
the sparse illumination by bare light bulbs did little to reassure.

Although earmarked for closure, the tunnel, like the Clyde ferries, was
reprieved during the modernisation of the Subway in the late 70s but finally
closed in 1980.

From >> here <<

James H
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Here's the entry for the listed building for the South Rotunda, courtesy of pastmap.

Simpson and Wilson, engineers, designed 1888, Alex Finlay and Co, structural engineers contractors for rotundas. Built 1890-5. One of 2 rotundas constructed over the shafts giving access to the 2 vehicular tunnels and 1 pedestrian tunnel under the Clyde. 16-bay rotunda over 80' diameter shaft. Brick with stone cornices and cills. Arched windows divided by brick pilasters carrying stone cornice and brick parapet.
Vehicle entrance 5 cast-iron Corinthian columns carrying steel girders. 2 arched pedestrian entrances at North lead down timber stairs on steel girders to 5-bay timber pilastered ticket office and into tunnel. Steel girder crosspiece spans the lift shaft, 72' deep with 2 16' diameter vehicle tunnels at base.
Steel framed dome, slate and glazed roof. W of Rotunda: 1 storey brick building, with arched door leading to a now demolished annexe and a large arch to N, 2 arched windows and 1 arched door to E. White enamel brick interior. Slate roof and ridge ventilator.
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
*looks out window and see's north rotunda*
South rotunda
some pictures of the South Rotunda of the old Clyde tunnel in the eighties. Apologies for the quality as some of them are scanned from old contact prints.

Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Nice pics Paul

(I've merged your thread with this one)
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Those are nice photos. They make me think of album covers or posters for Film Noir movies.

Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Southern Rotunda, Glasgow

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to work with Glasgow
Building Preservation Trust on the rehabilitation of the currently derelict Southern

>> Link <<

James H
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
Anyone else remember when the it was the Dome of Discovery? Can't have been long after the Garden festival. I might have some promo material for that back at my maw's if anyone's interested?

What's the status of the tunnel? Accessible?
Glasgow Harbour Tunnel and the Rotundas
I remember the dome of discovery.

Access is not possible. The only way in is by a very well locked door with relatively modern staircase installed. It's owned and controlled by Scottish Water
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